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Sirotechnics Wedding Fireworks For Nadia and Eric

QUESTION: Who do EPIC FIREWORKS recommend when the customer needs something a little bit bigger than the most powerful consumer 1.3G fireworks available in the UK?

ANSWER: Sirotechnics Fireworks.

Why? Let us explain….

Our very good friends Nadia and Eric got in touch and asked us to provide them with some fireworks for their wedding having been customers for many years. On this occasion the guys who normally set off the EPIC fireworks were going to be at the wedding and they didn’t have anyone to do the most important job of firing them for them. So they asked us who would be the right people for the job. Our friendly team asked what it was they wanted and where the display was along with all the other usual questions and thought this was a job for our friend Simon at Sirotechnics Fireworks. The display was to be held at one of Yorkshire’s top venues – Swinton Park near Masham. Swinton is the home of the famous deer park, a fabulous restaurant and extensive manicured grounds. Sirotechnics being based in the Midlands, are able to travel to most parts of mainland UK without any problem. Sirotechnics do not charge any more for a display thats 3 hours away than one that is only 10 minutes away, and that is rare indeed.

EPIC put Nadia and Eric in touch with Simon to iron out all the details and the rest is history as they say! A pyromusical display with a huge finale is what the bride and groom wanted and i think judging by the videos and photographs they most certainly got it. The turrets of Swinton are very much like those of a medieval castle and provide some absolutely awesome photograph opportunities and memories to cherish for many years.

Sirotechnics approach to musical fireworks displays has earned them the title of British Musical Fireworks Champions in 2013. It is an approach which not only sees them deliver fine firework displays but also top class customer service leading to an all round excellent product. Their approach is like us at EPIC, no question is a question to many and the quality is more important to us than buy cheap and sell high. Reputation is what we all live by and as such EPIC fireworks recommend Sirotechnics as we know you will get the very best of professional fireworks displays in the UK and service that’s as good as ours!

Fireworks are not just for Bonfire Night, EPIC FIREWORKS supply fireworks all year round for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Diwali and many more celebrations. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you!


Sparklers, sparklers and perhaps and few more sparklers …

The wedding season is now in full flow and the orders for fireworks, rockets and particularly sparklers are being received by the truck load.

We consider ourselves to be fortunate to be included in the planning of weddings both for those having the huge lavish white wedding to those having a few people on the beach with some fireworks and sparklers to follow but what we love to see are the pictures of the bride and groom with friends and family around them holding sparklers aloft to light their way to their new married lives.

We have been sent a few over the years and here are some of my favourites:

We have three types of sparkler but as we consider the Coloured Sparklers to be mainly for children (and they tend to be smokier due to the colours added to the mixture) we still prefer the absolutely beautiful Mammoth and Monster Sparklers.

You can have 50 packs delivered (that’s 200 individual sparklers) to your door of either the Monster Sparklers at £42.95 or the Mammoth Sparklers for £51.95. You could of course come over to the showroom in South Yorkshire to collect them which will save you the £9.95 delivery charge.

Why not try some sparkler art and draw a heart around the happy couple with a long exposure shot. If you have never done it before, here are a few tips:

• Set your view of the sparkler before darkness falls
• Use manual focus until you get them centre shot
• Set the shutter speed to around 8-10 seconds
• Turn auto focus off
• Shoot at ISO 200 – 8/10 second shutter – aperture 4.5 and focal length at around 18mm
• Light a sparkler
• Press the shutter
• Draw in the air with the sparkler and then shoot

Whatever the reason, please remember that sparklers are without a shadow of a doubt one of the most innocuous but potentially dangerous things you can use. Never let a child use them unattended and sparklers should never be used by under 5’s as the end will reach the temperature of a blow torch.

Happy snapping and if you need sparklers or fireworks for your wedding or special event, get in touch – we are here 7-days a week with the exception of Christmas, Boxing and New Years Days.


Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake - Epic Fireworks

Wedding Cake … mmmm

Some weeks ago we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to supply the products for a wedding in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

We sent a firing team armed with enough pyro to end a war and the couple were absolutely overwhelmed with the feedback from guests just how beautiful the fireworks were.

The reward was a visit this week from the happy couple with a delicious piece of their wedding cake.

Congratulations once again to Martin and Siobhan and the best of luck for the future.