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First Look at the LEGO Firework Celebrations Gift-With-Purchase Set

First Look at the LEGO Firework Celebrations Gift-With-Purchase Set

The excitement surrounding the release of LEGO's Firework Celebrations set has reached new heights with the unveiling of the first official image. LEGO enthusiasts can now get a glimpse of what's in store with this festive gift-with-purchase set.

The eagerly anticipated 40689 Firework Celebrations set, set to drop in May, promises to capture the magic of fireworks in LEGO form. With 184 pieces, this set offers a delightful scene of celebration, featuring two minifigures immersed in the joy of a fireworks display.

Digging into the LEGO Group’s Building Instructions page has revealed the first image of upcoming set, confirming that the free gift is on the way. We can now see that the set is built on a black base with a dark blue backdrop. Brightly coloured fireworks have been captured just as they’re exploding, with six-pronged builds suspended on transport rods.

Beneath them, more fireworks are preparing to fire into the sky. It looks like the dark blue back panel has either stickered or printed fireworks too.

As well as the main build, there’s a smaller green baseplate with still more fireworks stored in a box, as well as two minifigures: one male photographer and one female holding a sparkler.

Despite now having confirmation that 40689 Firework Celebrations is officially on its way, we still don’t know what the minimum spend threshold will be. It’s believed to be dropping in May and its appearance on the Building Instructions page would suggest that its release is imminent, so there shouldn’t be too long to wait in any case.

True to its name, Firework Celebrations will capture the excitement and joy of fireworks with its brick-built effects.

While details about the set's availability and qualifying purchase requirements are still scarce, it's said that the potential threshold for obtaining Firework Celebrations as a free gift could be set at around £80 to £100.

Keep an eye out for further announcements and get ready to add a touch of firework magic to your LEGO collections.



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