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Pro Displays

For those who do not want to fire their own display with our UK leading range of consumer fireworks, there is only one other option. Epic fireworks can recommend one of the finest firework display companies in the UK – Matthews Brothers.

Operating nationally the length and breadth of the country, Matthews Brothers have produced displays for everything from weddings and proms, to huge corporate events. If you are thinking of something a little more different, Matthews Brothers are specialists in the field of fireworks to music, better known as Pyromusicals.

If you want professionals in the art of Pyrotechnics to take care of your display for you, then take the word of the UK’s leading retail supplier, EPIC Fireworks as a sound recommendation!

Matthews Brothers will take care of venue and management liaison, health and safety, insurance and product liability cover, as well as provide a trained crew to handle your fireworks display. You won’t have to worry about a thing, leaving you and your guests free to relax, stand back, and enjoy the show!

To get in touch with Matthews Brothers, contact them by email or call 07595 353 522.

If you would like to fire your own display, that is no problem at all, Epic Fireworks stock the largest range of firework in the UK and can deliver fireworks to your door. Give us a call to find out more.

Wedding Fireworks at Pimhill Barn - Justin & Trish from Pyro Productions on Vimeo.

Wheaton Aston Bonfire Night Fireworks 2016 from Pyro Productions on Vimeo.

Shropshire Wedding Fireworks - Matthews Brothers Pyro Ltd from Pyro Productions on Vimeo.