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International Fireworks Championship Is Back For It's Second Year

International Fireworks Championship Is Back For It's Second Year

If you're a fan of dazzling displays and breathtaking pyrotechnics, mark your calendar for the upcoming International Fireworks Championship, set to once again light up the skies above Turtle Creek Stadium in Traverse City. Michingan, USA.

Following the resounding success of last year's inaugural event, organisers have announced an expanded lineup, promising an even more spectacular showcase of talent from across the globe.

When and Where?

Scheduled for Friday, the 6th of September and Saturday, the 7th of September, this year's championship will see pyrotechnic teams from Australia, the United Kingdom, India, the Philippines, Finland, and the U.S. converge on Turtle Creek Stadium to compete for the title of fireworks champion.

Meet the 2024 Teams

Get ready to be wowed by some of the world's most talented pyrotechnic teams, including:

Foti Family Fireworks (Australia)

Widely renowned for their breathtaking displays, Foti Family Fireworks is best known for producing the iconic New Year's Eve spectacle in Sydney Harbor. With decades of experience and a reputation for innovation, this Australian powerhouse promises to deliver a performance that will leave spectators in awe.

Harbor Selstar Fireworks (United Kingdom)

Harbor Selstar Fireworks boasts an impressive track record of success in international competitions. Having clinched victories in prestigious locations such as Monaco and Lebanon, this seasoned team is no stranger to the winner's podium.

Morani Fireworks (India)

Morani Fireworks brings a touch of Bollywood glamour to the competition, having dazzled audiences at the Cricket World Cup and shared the stage with global superstars like Justin Bieber and Coldplay.

Blue Peacock (Philippines)

Representing the Philippines, Blue Peacock brings a wealth of international experience to the championship, having performed at prestigious events around the globe. Winners of the Casino du Lac-Leamy Sound of Light Show in Ottawa, Canada, Blue Peacock combines precision and artistry to create mesmerising fireworks spectacles.

JoHo Pyro Professionals (Finland)

Hailing from Finland, JoHo Pyro Professionals have earned accolades in competitions across the world, including victories in Montreal, Cannes, and DaNang. Renowned for their innovative techniques and creative flair, this Finnish team is sure to push the boundaries of pyrotechnic artistry.

With such an illustrious lineup of talent, the International Fireworks Championship promises to be a truly unforgettable experience.

What to Expect?

With two additional teams and an extra night added to the schedule for this year's competition, spectators can anticipate two evenings of awe-inspiring performances set against the backdrop of Traverse City's scenic beauty.

From meticulously choreographed displays to breathtaking bursts of colour and sound, each team will have 15 minutes to captivate the audience and showcase their creativity and artistry.

What Makes This Firework Event Unique?

The competitors at the International Fireworks Championship won't be judged purely but a juding panel. 

“We’ll have professional judges, and also we have the audience judge as well. So each night will be judged, and then the two nights will be combined to pick an overall winner,” said Traverse City tourism president Trevor Tkach.

Teams will be evaluated based on design, synchronisation to music, and overall performance, culminating in the crowning of an overall champion.

What Happened at the 2023 Competition?

Demand for tickets soared as enthusiasts rushed to secure their spots. Initially, 4,000 tickets were made available, selling out within an hour of their release in June. An additional 2,000 tickets were later released due to overwhelming demand a month later.

The competition featured teams from Germany, France, Mexico, and the United States, each selected based on their previous triumphs in fireworks competitions around the world. Teams had the opportunity to showcase their skills with 12-minute presentations, carefully choreographed to music. Germany's team, TOF Feuerwork, set the bar high with a mesmerising display that earned them top honours in both the juried competition and the audience-voted Best in Show category.

Music played a pivotal role in enhancing the spectacle. Teams selected a diverse range of songs to complement their fireworks, from contemporary hits like Of Monsters and Men's "Little Talks" to classics like the Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black." Each team brought its unique flair to the competition. France dazzled the audience with intricate displays, Mexico infused its presentation with vibrant colours and cultural motifs, and the United States, represented by Rozzi Pyrotechnics, delivered a patriotic finale set to the tune of Foo Fighters' "My Hero."

The USA's performance concluded the event on a high note, with a spectacular synchronisation of fireworks to Phil Collins's iconic "In the Air Tonight," culminating in a breathtaking crescendo timed perfectly with Collins's legendary drum solo. Last year's competition showcased the artistry and innovation of pyrotechnic teams from around the globe, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating this year's event.

Getting Tickets for the 2024 Competition

Thinking of heading over the pond to check out 2024's International Fireworks Championship?

Tickets for both nights will be available to buy from Tuesday, the 14th of May, at 11am via

There will be a range of tickets available including including box seats, field seats, tables for four, and luxurious suites. Prices start at $50 for box seats and $70 for field seats, with package deals and VIP options also on offer.

Don't Miss Out

With fireworks competitions being a rarity in the U.S., this is your chance to witness the magic of international fireworks mastery on American soil. Whether you're a seasoned fireworks enthusiast or simply looking for a memorable night out with family and friends, the International Fireworks Championship promises an unforgettable experience for all.

So, grab your tickets, mark your calendar, and get ready to be dazzled by the brilliance of the International Fireworks Championship at Turtle Creek Stadium.

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