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Lets Check Out SIB

The technical term used is SIB (for single ignition barrages) … these are fantastic as they tend to be longer lasting and there are a number on the market nowadays with a number of different features and explosive content, adding to the power behind the effect.

Epic staff choices:

Small 1.4g favourites:

Spectrum Sky – introduced to our range last year – an awesome 24 shot firework with impressive thick silver tails coming from the red and green peonies. A brilliant finale of multi shot silver peonies fills the sky with 5 shots coming off at the same time. This is a little cracker of a firework which would add to any display.

Eclipse – a low noise 24 shot barrage of green tails to green glitter and stars. Excellent value for money and should be in the middle of your display.

Large 1.3g favourites:

Skull Crusher – this is an amazing 200 shots of high intensity in just 35 seconds which builds up after a steady start. Unique hummers and whistles make this one for the noise lovers. Coloured pearls leading to large swirling silver tails with red and green stars with silver glitter. A winner every time.

Dancing Dragons – again, introduced to the Epic range in 2010, this is an absolutely beautiful fan firework with superb effects and a definite addition to any show. The colours are exceptional and the bright silver spinners change to red, then green and then orange palm bursts across the sky and linger long enough for the following volley – a must see – check out the video

Finale Favourites:

Thunderous Finale – 1.3g - this is our baby – a stunning, nationally acclaimed vertical finale barrage – totally awesome!! Huge volleys, four shots at a time scream up into the air before the first volley break into coloured palms which over-lap to fill the sky with the effect of a multi-shell burst, then the following 4 into electrifying clouds of crackles. The sky is never empty with this astonishing, monstrously powerful barrage. If you want to see this at its best, check out the website and see 4 or 6 of them at the same time.

Screaming Spiders – 1.3g – anyone who has seen this finale firework in action will all testify to it being one of the greatest consumer fireworks of all time. Huge vertical volleys scream into the air before exploding into phenomenally large coloured palms again overlapping to offer the effect of an electrifying cloud of crackles that absolutely fill the sky above. This superb piece of pyro art is beautifully timed to create the perfect display concluding with a double 8 shot volley with silver crackling palms. This is an absolutely essential closing firework which will stay in the memory of family and friends for years to come.

The two featured for the finale, have been tested and discussed by Mens Health and Front Magazines in glowing terms.

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