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Screaming Spiders 100 Shot

£49.98 (incl. VAT)

RRP £89.99

Screaming Spiders is a must-see, award winning firework from Epic Fireworks.

This 100 shot beastie begins with gold crackling tails that scuttle into crackling spinners before beautiful blue mines lift into big blue peony bursts. This is swiftly followed by more two-stage mines with a quick succession of green and red tipped brocades and intersecting bursts of crackling.

Once the crackles have had to time settle, an unyielding pace of gold and silver whistling tails scream into the night sky and break into coloured peonies and brocades and a volley of coloured comets forms a multi-shot storm of dragon’s eggs to finish.

Screaming Spiders is perhaps one of the best fireworks the UK has ever seen and has to be seen to be believed. Absolutely stunning.

Screaming Spiders Specifications

Carton Quantity: 1 x Screaming Spiders
No. of Shots: 100
Approx Firework Duration: 55 Sec
Firework Dimensions: 17cm x 26cm x 26cm
Firework Bore Size: 20mm 
Noise Rating: 9/10
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres
Vertical or Fan: Vertical

Voted BEST BANGERS by Men's Health Magazine

Men's Health Magazine - Screaming Spiders #EpicFireworks

Featured in Sorted Magazine

Epic Fireworks Feature - Sorted Magazine October 2012

Awesome! The neighbors couldn't help but watch in amazement! Such an easy way of having an great display. Thank you Epic. Review by Philip Ewens
Posted on 03/11/2014

Awesome! The neighbors couldn't help but watch in amazement! Such an easy way of having an great display. Thank you Epic.

Review by Tom Greenslade
Posted on 15/07/2014

absolutely brilliant. Just used this 12-07-14 changing effects and a great ending shower of colour. The most iv spent on a firework, but it was worth it

Review by Andrew Casterton
Posted on 26/12/2010

have fired these for a number of years now and they have never ever been dissapointing, they are brilliant on there own, but fantastic when fired together in pairs a few feet apart. theres lots of colour and noise with a mine effect and because they are so cheap i dont mind buying a couple, infact that has become the rule. If you havent tried screaming spiders you really are missing out, far better than most fireworks ive seen at this price

Review by Ian Whittle
Posted on 09/11/2010

Class, class and class!- set these off with Thundourous finale and you have as good as show as any Cat 4 show (bar shells)- used them many times and never fail to dissapoint!

Posted on 31/10/2010

I said in my recent review I was going to have three Screaming Spiders in my finale this year. I changed my mind...and got FOUR! Absolutely awesome pyro, a true classic from Epic Fireworks.

Posted on 30/08/2010

I reviewed Screaming Spiders in 2008 and said I regretted only buying the one.Last year I had two in my finale and for this year I am going to have three!
This really is such a fantastic firework that totally fills the sky with superb, very loud effects that it just begs to be a finale piece. Whatever else you choose to put in your finale, be sure to have a few Screaming Spiders which I recommend ending on, as the multi-shot dragon\'s egg finish - then total silence - is a proper \"Thank You And Good Night!\"
I had cheers from the 250+ audience last year...such a fantastic feeling! Buy this firework- it\'s a total bargain!

Review by chris hart
Posted on 30/04/2010

As a regular at JIMMY,S [Batley} i am well aware that people say that certain cakes are better than others but OMG,these are truely the best firework i have EVER bought. It has the lot,noise,colour,rapidness,crackles,massive bangs.These are a total MUST have for the really pyroheads out there. If i was allowed i would have one for every day of the week. My only problem with this truely brilliant firework is that it has to end :) 12/10 they really are that good!!

Review by David Tvargan
Posted on 09/09/2009

Another established and popular item in the Epic range- and as with many of the items under the Epic brand name, it\'s big advantage is it\'s very competative price. For less than £30 this is a loud, pacy, mixed effects firework- suited to be used towards the end of a display.

Posted on 05/11/2008

O my god, these were fab, a real sky filler and very loud, Set of 4 at the same time, half the street came out and gave it 10/10 WELL DONE EPIC

Review by matthew don
Posted on 04/11/2008

5 stars, it has everything, mines, big breaks, blue (which i love), good duration and pace, i bought this on a recommendation from the guys at epic and i am so glad i did, the video realy doesn\'t do it justice, try it you wont be disappointed.

Posted on 02/11/2008

Everything about this firework screams \"QUALITY!\" From the build quality to the effects. My only regret is only buying the one! A real crowd pleasing sky-filler; a couple of these will probably feature as part of my finale next time. Thank you Epic for giving us the opportunity to obtain such fantastic pyro as Screaming Spiders.

Review by Ian Whittle
Posted on 27/10/2008

Seriously good product and at a very reasonable price - certainly a crowd pleaser and some nice big effects- very recommended!

Review by Steve Deverson
Posted on 27/10/2008

An Awesome Barrage, Its the first time ive used this one and i have to say that it is one of the best Fireworks out there. Not a second of boredom with this one. Huge bursts, Fantastic colour and a good duration. I will definitely be using this one again. Keep up the good work Epic.

Posted on 27/09/2008

this is brilliant,huge bursts of colour,not a second of boredom, absolutley filled the sky. just the thing i needed for bonfire night, made the night EVEN better!!!

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