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The Best Fireworks for Small Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

The Best Fireworks for Small Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

Just because you have a small outdoor space or garden, it doesn't mean you can't have a brilliant firework display.

When it comes to hosting a fireworks display in a smaller outdoor area, it's important to choose fireworks that deliver spectacular effects without compromising safety or overwhelming the space.

Luckily for you, here at Epic Fireworks, we offer a range of small and garden fireworks that are perfectly suited for intimate gatherings and compact outdoor settings.

Here are some of the top picks from our small and garden firework range and some tips on how to have a fun and safe display in a small space.

1. F2 Ultra Pro Slices

These great single-hit slices are ideal for more professional-looking displays and for adding hits of vibrant colour and effects whenever you need them.

They are all 7 tubed fanned pieces and will definitely fill the sky without loud bangs, which are ideal for low-noise displays or for a quiet build-up to a crescendo.

See the F2 Ultra Pro Slices in action and buy today

2. Fire Snake 100 Shot

A classic fast firing “pen lid top” missile barrage from Epic Fireworks.

Fire Snake features a rapid flurry of 100 whistles that crackle and pop into the night sky. This makes it a very noisy firework and fantastic value for money.

See the Fire Snake 100 Shot barrage in action and buy today

3. Fantasia

The awesome Fantasia fountain is our favourite fountain.

It's great value for money and perfect for the back garden. It produces multi-coloured effects, including multi-level mine effects, blue stars, and crackling flowers and all at a price that anyone can afford.

See the Fantasia fountain in action and today

4. Strike Force 54 Shot

The Strike Force is a beautiful 54 shot wiper barrage which would be ideal either as part of a show or as a finale piece, especially as all 54 shots are fired in approximately 30 seconds!

This incredible fast paced, fanned, sky filler is full of dazzling coloured comets, huge willow breaks and strobes, ending with a huge impressive crackle cloud effect.

See the Strike Force 54 Shot Barrage in action and buy today

5. Empire 36 Shot

The Empire strikes back with this maximum-calibre, 36-shot beauty packed with effects.

Golden comet tails with trailing glitter, burst into golden stars and strobes. With screeching comets and a stunning multi-shot finale of large palms and crackle clouds, it is a sight to behold; best fired singly as part of a show or in pairs for a finale with wow factor.

See the Empire 36 Shot Barrage in action and buy today

6. Halo

A great value for money fountain perfect for the back garden with effects including: chrysanthemum, crackles, bubbling lava, and strobe effects.

See the Halo fountain in action and buy today

7. Sky Lab 25 Shot Barrage

One of the noisiest small fireworks around, Sky Lab creates a concoction of attractive visual effects and loud bangs with 25 varied mine effects.

Each shot ejects multiple reports accompanied by a beautiful mine lift. The visual formula begins with thick golden tails with red strobe that's followed by golden tails with yellow strobe, blue and red stars, and gold crackling comet tails before a final sequence of thick spinners.

This excellent firework would fit perfectly into any garden firework display.

See the Sky Lab 25 Shot Barrage in action and buy today

8. Sky Roar

A fabulous alternative to a rocket pack. The Sky Roar gives you 4 varied effect shot tubes that reach 60 feet into the sky and create large starbursts, crackling palms, and beautiful red crackle stars.

See the Sky Roar shot tubes in action and buy today

9. Blue Star Eruption

The Blue Star Eruption Mine starts off like a fountain then suddenly erupts with a volley of 10 shots - all fired at once - of bright blue tails with blue and golden crackles.

It's MEGA loud so do warn your neighbours.

See the Blue Star Eruption mine in action and buy today 

How to Safely Enjoy Fireworks in Small Gardens

Fireworks are a lot of fun but it's important to remember that they are explosive and dangerous if not handled properly. So, before lighting any fireworks, it's important to follow these key safety guidelines.

  • Designate a Firing Zone: Create a designated area for setting off the fireworks. Make sure it's a safe distance from spectators and nearby structures and gives you plenty of space to move around.

  • Clear the Area: Make sure you remove anything flammable from around the area where you'll setting up and firing your fireworks.

  • Use Stable Platforms: Place fireworks on stable, non-flammable surfaces to prevent any tilting or tipping. Rocket tubes are great additions for firing rockets safely.

  • Light Your Fireworks Safely: Portfires or 'Firework Lighters' are ideal for lighting fireworks. This long, thin, hand-held item burns with a very hot flame for four minutes plus which makes lighting fireworks easier and safer
  • Keep Water Handy: Have a bucket of water or a hose nearby to extinguish any sparks or embers and for the little ones to put their sparklers in when they're finished.

  • Follow Instructions: Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for each firework in your display.

Remember, safety should always be the top priority when enjoying fireworks, especially in smaller outdoor spaces.

With Epic Fireworks' range of small and garden fireworks, you can create a mesmerizing display that's perfectly tailored for compact settings. Explore our selection and discover the ideal fireworks for your intimate gatherings in smaller outdoor areas.

Shop the full range of garden fireworks today

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