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Fireworks, as a rule, have some noise involved due to the emotive force required to launch the effects takes a certain amount of power. Here are our TOP 5 Quieter Barrages for you to check out:


16 shots – 24 seconds – 5/10 noise rating – £7.44

This single effect barrage is used widely as a staring firework. Green-tailed pearls reach height and then break into glittering spinning spirals.


One of the mainstays of our range for a very long time and NO SCREECHERS.


20 shots – 40 seconds – 3/10 noise rating – £12.96

A really impressive little cake with a decent duration and a unique effect which is just captivating. Shots of silver reach height and then break in all directions and look like a shoal of fish trying to escape a predator.

Flying Fish 20 Shot Barrage

Once again the ejection shots is still like a gun report but the effects themselves have little or no sound with them.


36 shots – 22 seconds – 4/10 noise rating – £24.96

Red, green and silver tailed comets break into crossette which is a lovely criss cross when the composite parts split apart.


A must-have for a quieter display but again you will still have the report from the launch effect.


105 shots – 24 seconds – 3/10 noise rating – £17.76

This impressive barrage is ideally suited for a quieter display. Noise is limited to the launch of the effects and a slight fizz of the beautiful fanned glittering spinners as the red bushy tailed comets sweep across the sky.

Tracer Bullet 105 Shot Fan Barrage #EpicFireworks

Absolutely beautiful and a great product for any display.


105 shots – 24 seconds – 3/10 noise rating – £17.76

This is our biggest selling quieter barrage and has graced our range for the last 4 years.  Moving Target is simply stunning. Firing in banks of 7, this sweeping beauty includes multi coloured glittering effects which genuinely need to be seen to take it all in. Great for those with smaller children as the noise once again is minimal but check it out for yourself.

New Epic Fireworks For 2012

All these items can be seen online by clicking on the hyperlinks and this will give you the full low down on each product and of course a video to give you an idea of the noise, colour, and effects for yourself before you buy.


Quiet and Family Friendly Fireworks

Here at the home of beautiful fireworks, we know that not everyone will love loud bangs, screeches and whistles so we have a small selection of low noise fireworks which concentrate on effect and colour as opposed to noise.

Selection boxes are usually a good starting point for any decent garden display and we have chosen some for just such an occasion.

The Dynamic Selection Box is a cracking little box, packed with some of the loveliest fireworks around. At just under £7 it contains 15 high quality and high performance fireworks with 10 fountains, 4 roman candles and even a Catherine Wheel for good measure.

Of course, this is the basis of a great night so what should you add into the equation. Much of that decision is based on the budget that you have available to you. The box doesn’t contain any rockets or barrages and could do with one or two small barrages and sparklers as well as one of our selection of low noise rockets.

Good additions would be the fantastic Astroplane Rockets, some Sky Blast Roman Candles and a couple of Magic Stars and Trailing Tails for a lovely evening – not forgetting sparklers, just bear in mind that sparklers should not be used by the under fives.

What we need to know before you buy is how large is your garden/firing space? Can you safely use rockets or fanned items? And what is your budget?

If you are holding a sizeable event for the school or local nursery, why not give us a call and have a chat with a technician about your firework display – at the end of the day, all we sell are fireworks of every size shape and noise rating or sound effect so our specialist knowledge is unparalleled. We are open 7-days a week and can answer most questions either by telephone or email so drop us a line at [email protected]


Quiet Family Fireworks

Epic Fireworks = Family Fun

Here at Epic, we appreciate that not everyone will appreciate loud fireworks.  As such, we have compiled a quick reference guide to cover all of the low noise fireworks that we have available in our range at this time.

These items will focus mainly on visual effects and colours rather than the usual screeches and reports making them family friendly for all, including the very young and elderly.

Bazooka Bomb – Excellent value pack of rockets which will not break either the bank or the sound barrier for a pack of 5 rockets at £2.16 INC vat each rocket equates to 43p each.  Mixed-effects including crackles, falling leaves and purple and blue stars.  The noise level is 2/10 so brilliant for all the family.

Cascade – 90 shot barrage by marvel fireworks is a great mix of effects including red, purple and green pearls and lasting around 45 seconds this is a great little piece to add to any show and costs £8.10 inc VAT (RRP is £14.99)  Noise rating 1/10

Cinder Cones – A great little garden display fountain representing excellent value for money at 60p each item.  The three little fountains will offer differing effects including silver and gold sparks and crackles.  Noise rating 2/10

Falling Leaves – This lovely little barrage gives you 23 shots including gold glitter, falling leaves, red, gold, green, yellow and white stars and a fanned finale of bombettes and silver comets.  Lasting around 50 seconds this is rated 3/10 for noise and costs £24.95 inc VAT (RRP £39.99)

Superstar Selection Box – This wonderful little selection box from Marvel fireworks contains 13 mixed effect fireworks costing £3.24 and has a noise rating of 2/10  Containing a number of fountains, a couple of mines and a Catherine wheel, like its compatriot Comet Dust, it represents excellent value for money.

Comet Dust Selection Box – Another low noise selection box containing 11 small fireworks with 8 mixed fountains 2 multi-shot roman candles and a single Catherine wheel.  This is a great value box which ticks all the boxes for those who are unsure whether the little ones will scream the place down before you go out and buy some display items!!

Glitzy Blitz Fountain – The Glitzy Blitz provides a fantastic 10-metre tall shower of molten lava that keeps going and going, engulfing the surrounding area with beautiful bright light.  Low noise rating of just 2/10 this spectacular fountain is staggeringly good – Excellent for weddings and very popular for the festival of Divali.

Gunpowder Plot Barrel – This pack of five rockets is priced at just £2.88 making each of the rockets costing just over 57p each represents great value for money.  Furthermore, each of the rockets has a different effect which is detailed on the rocket so you know in advance what to expect.

Halo Fountain – This beautiful fountain from Standard fireworks is perfect for the garden or a small display and with a noise rating of just 2/10 it has some lovely effects including yellow, red and blue stars.  Costing £2.70 each they are great value for money too.

Ice Storm – Another beautiful fountain from Standard fireworks is again perfect for all the family as it is low noise and brightly coloured.  Whilst these and the Halo are categorised as garden fireworks, we know from experience that thanks to the price and the excellent duration they are also included in many semi-professional displays as they reach high into the sky and the colours are particularly vivid.  Noise level 3/10

Magic Stars – This is a lovely little barrage which is great again for those who find noise a little disturbing.  Rated with a noise rating of just 1/10, this fires 24 shots of coloured red, green and gold comets high into the sky and lasting around 20 seconds it is great value for money at just £1.20 including VAT.

Moving Target – A great addition to any display and a beautiful piece which whilst very quiet, is really bright with 105 shots fired in a spectacular zig-zag pattern.  Fast firing this one is great when fired either alone or in multiples.  Costing £10.80 inc VAT, they are half the RRP and would be suitable for all the family with a noise rating of 2/10.

Silver Spirals – This is one of my own favourites as it can be used either alone or incorporated into a display.  This 16 shot barrage sends spiralling silver tails skywards and although a little louder with a noise rating of 5/10, it is still suitable for most of the family and with a very reasonable price tag of £3.95, it will be a great addition to your show.

Top Hat – The Top Hat is a brilliant little fountain from Standard Fireworks, with several different effects and an excellent duration. With effects including red, green stars, and crackles. This really is a superb garden display fountain with excellent value and effects.  With a noise rating of just 2/10 and priced at £4.32, this has been one of our biggest sellers for the last couple of seasons.

The fact of the matter is, we offer you the best value for money and the best products on the market at a massively reduced price as we buy in bulk to enable us to sell them on to the customer for less than anywhere else.  If you are passing along the M1, come along to see us just off J36 of the M1 heading to Sheffield North and we are here 7-days a week.  So whether you are looking for a small pack of fireworks for your child’s birthday party or for a special family gathering of any sort, let us know and we will do our best to make it a party to remember.