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Thunder Over Louisville 2024: Watch the Spectacular 25 minute Firework Display

Thunder Over Louisville 2024: Watch the Spectacular 25 minute Firework Display

Get ready to be dazzled as Thunder Over Louisville, one of the USA's biggest firework displays, lit up the sky once again with its breathtaking showcase of pyrotechnics and entertainment.

Held annually in Louisville, Kentucky, this year's event marked the 35th edition of the iconic firework extravaganza and it did not disappoint.

A Celebration of Derby 150

Under the theme "Celebrating Derby 150," Thunder Over Louisville paid homage to the historic 150th Kentucky Derby, showcasing the city's rich Derby heritage and the spirit of the iconic race. The event brought together thousands of spectators from across the country to experience the magic of Louisville's signature celebration.

Awe-Inspiring Entertainment

The 2024 Thunder Over Louisville show kicked off with a spectacular air show, featuring both military and civilian aircraft filling the sky with aerial acrobatics and precision maneuvers.

Then, as the sun set, the main event began, with a staggering 25 minute firework display complete with drone show and music.

For 25 minutes, the night sky erupted in a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes as the massive fireworks display illuminated the waterfront and downtown area. From dazzling bursts of light to cascading waterfalls of sparks, the show captivated the estimated 600,000 strong crowd gathered in downtown Louisville, packing the waterfront and surrounding areas to witness the spectacle firsthand.

Watch The 2024 Thunder Over Louisville Firework Display

Didn't get to see the show in person? No problem.

The epic firework display was recorded so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home...


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