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LEGO Rumoured To Be Releasing New Firework Themed Set

LEGO Rumoured To Be Releasing New Firework Themed Set

LEGO enthusiasts have been buzzing with excitement over rumours of a new celebratory LEGO set.

According to a number of reports, the LEGO Group is gearing up to release a special gift-with-purchase set named 40689 Firework Celebrations.

Set to drop on the 1st of May, this 184-piece set is expected to depict a charming scene of two minifigures enjoying a fireworks display. The set is said to feature a father and daughter duo, with the father capturing the colourful display with a camera, while the daughter holds a sparkler in her hands. The scene is set against a black wall adorned with stickers of stars and fireworks, adding to the festive setting.

True to its name, Firework Celebrations will capture the excitement and joy of fireworks with its brick-built effects, including launched fireworks and a firework being prepped for launch. Additionally, the set is rumoured to include small builds for a flower and a box of fireworks, adding to the immersive experience.

While details about the set's availability and qualifying purchase requirements are still scarce, it's said that the potential threshold for obtaining Firework Celebrations could be set at around £80 to £100. While we wait to for confirmation of the fireworks themed kit, you can prepare to add this delightful set to your collection by planning your shopping lists and checking out the confirmed LEGO May the 4th deals for 2024

Keep an eye out for further announcements and get ready to add a touch of firework magic to your LEGO collections.

*Image for illustration purposes only. This is not the rumoured set.




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