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It is no surprise to anyone that Dubai holds numerous Guinness World Records already, and this New Year’s Eve they have sent their sights on adding another two to the list.

Having achieved World Records for the last 2 years running: in 2018 they set the record for the largest aerial shell weighing 1087.26kg and reached a height of around 1127m and on New Year’s Eve 2019, they broke a further two with one for the longest chain of fireworks and secondly for the longest straight line of fireworks in one display.

For 2020 the tourism officials have promised the #RAKNYE2020 will be one of the biggest and best performances yet as they have fireworks, laser pyro drones, and other pyrotechnics on offer to usher in the New Year.

The countdown to 2020 will be opened by the pyro drones that shoot out fireworks and then watch the skies above being lit up in a kaleidoscope of colours and effects as the fireworks along with special Japanese aerial shell fireworks are released into the night sky.

As well as the pyrotechnics, there is plenty to do on the ground as starting from around 5pm, there will be kids activities, food trucks, ice cream stands, live performances, celebrity guests including top performers from around the world gathering together to make the evening one of biggest and best to have ever been seen before.

There are three new venues that have been allocated to watch the fireworks are next to Al Hamra village – Al Shohadah Street and Al Wasi Street between Al Marjan Island and Al Hamra village with special parking areas. All the venues are open for free to the public.

More than 11,000 fireworks were released into the air last year and this is nowhere near enough for the Ras Al Khaimah is now up stepping a gear and plans on going well bigger and better to celebrate the year 2020.

The pyro will be handled by the team from Grucci once again who have proven to be world-beaters in the records books.  The Grucci family moved to the USA in 1870 as one of the original Italian firework families and they still bring joy today, five generations later.

We wish them the best of luck and will bring you some further updates as soon as we have them.


Dubai World Cup 2015

The Dubai World Cup is billed as the richest race meeting in the World with total event prize money in this 9 race spectacular at a massive $30 million US.

Started in 1996, after initially being held on the dusty ‘Camel Track’ where just 3 races were held, they moved onto the track at Meydan and they have never looked back since.

The biggest race of the meet is of course the World Cup which this year was won by Prince Bishop at an amazing 14/1. But the locals didn’t have it all their own way, as former England, football player Michael Owen’s co-owned horse Brown Panther won the Dubai Gold Cup to add to the silverware for the Goodwood Cup and the Irish St Leger he won previously.

Rather nobly, the winner of the biggest race of the day was Prince Bishop who’s owner Sheik Mohammed donated all of the winnings to local charity Dubai Autism Centre.

Being a night race meeting, the last race took place at 10:15pm followed by entertainment from Kylie Minogue with some absolutely gorgeous fireworks.

Fireworks by Grucci put on a truly magnificent show with some absolutely extraordinary eagle bursts, the UAE flag, UAE spelled out in letters and the noise was of course absolutely deafening. Grucci are past masters at this game so we expect nothing less but check out the video footage below, it will blow you away.


Fireworks by Grucci SMASH the World Record

Over here in the UK we love everything pyro and in the interests of bringing information to the masses we decided that we should bring all the stats to the fore in regards to the recent success of Grucci Fireworks spectacular in Dubai when the Guinness World Record was smashed.

Back in 2012, we featured the success of Kuwait (created by Parente fireworks) in beating the previous record for the most fireworks having fired 77,282 fireworks in 64 minutes across a distance of 5 kilometres.  A massive achievement but of course, records are there to be broken and here started the planning in Dubai to ensure that they exceeded the record on 31st December 2013 which was set to be broadcast across the world so they had to get it right.

Bearing in mind that the world and his granny were watching and of course, it being New Year’s Eve, they also had to manage to include all the usual celebrations in the area too – not an easy task I am sure you will agree but success was theirs for the taking and here are the stats:

  • Six minute super show
  • Covered 64 miles of seafront
  • 479,651 firework effects
  • 100 computers to fire the show
  • The pyro arrived in 19 forty-foot containers
  • There were over 5000 man hours in setting up and building
  • 200 professional firers used
  • 300 hours in designing the perfect world record
  • A huge 81 piece orchestra created the original musical score
  • 250 floating platforms created the beautiful ‘palm’ effect on the water
  • There was enough wire used to cover the entire 300 square miles to support the communications and computer networking

The official Guinness World record was confirmed on 6th January 2014.

It was without a doubt a staggering task and we are sure that within a couple of years another of the Emirates or Gulf states will have another bash at breaking the record again particularly when you look at the number of fireworks they had when they won the EXPO 2020 we sincerely hope that they step it up another level for the event.