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The fanned cake is very similar to any other firework being made up from a number of tubes which essentially are numerous roman candles affixed to one another at an angle resulting in shots being fired either in sweeping or straight fans.

They can either be a full fan where each is a bank of shots that fill the air either sweeping from start to finish like the awesome Tracer Bullet to a full expanse fan like the Lightwaves Barrage.

Here are some of our top fanned cakes:

FESTIVAL OF LIGHT – £64.98 – 25 second duration – 9/10 noise level – 50 shots

This cake sweeps left to right and has a great impact as it is VERY fast firing. Multi-colored peonies throughout this definitely have to be seen first hand to fully appreciate the bright colours.


KING OF THE JUNGLE – £99.96 – 60 seconds duration – 9/10 noise level – 168 shots

An arch of colour and noise this has great ground and aerial effects that fill up the sky. A great cake with a long duration which is packed with red, green and gold with a few blue hints. A beauty which with superb timing and at a minute duration, a great standalone piece or as part of a bigger display.

SPECIAL EFFECTS – £64.98 – 40 seconds duration – 9/10 noise level – 50 shots

This z-shaped fan fires banks of 5 shots of huge red-tipped fizzing palms which hang in the air – big, bold and above all, BEAUTIFUL.

HUMMING HORNETS – £9.98 – 30 seconds duration – 6/10 noise level – 28 shots

Small in stature it may be but it more than makes up for this shortcoming by being one of the best-selling pieces in the EPIC range. With red, green yellow and blue colours, it brings a smile to everyone’s face and the fanned multiple shot finale makes it one for any occasion. Check it out and turn up the volume on this sonic cake (as I said it is not loud) and listen … I cannot see this one without smiling!


What is the difference between a Barrage, Cake and a Battery?

The world of fireworks can be more than a little confusing when it comes to the types of products that there are available and no more so than when it comes to the terminology used to describe them.

The cake factory #EpicFireworks

Firework Cakes come in many different sizes and shapes and our range contains different numbers of shots from as few as 16 and go up to 1500 plus. The majority of them comprise of numerous card tubes glued together and fused timed differentiated for each shot. They can have an infinite choice of effect to each shot. Once the firework cake is lit, the fuse burns from tube to tube, igniting each shot in turn, which then flies up into the air where it explodes with an effect. Thus, a 16 shot cake will have 16 tubes, a 49 shot cake will have 49 tubes and so on.

Professional Fireworks

There are some who refer to Cakes as barrages as single effect all the way through whereas a cake may contain multiple effects. For example, the Whispering Palms is a 40 shot barrage offering massive high calibre palms all the way through but the colours and effects may differ very slightly with the palm glittering or strobing but it remains a single effect. Others, like the Wild Horses, maintain the same effect all the way through with no change to the overall effect.

Consumer Fireworks Fan Cake

You may call an average cake a SIB or party in a box. These types of fireworks offer a variety of effects and are usually designed by the manufacturers to produce a whole display from a single fuse. Cakes are more like a bunch of single shot roman candles if you want a more basic understanding. You will often find shops describe a cake as a combination roman candle.

CE Firework Cake Demo

There are some which we would describe as a display in a box where a massive number of tubes is conjoined but each may have a completely different sized tube, containing different compositions within. For example, The King Hell from Epic Fireworks is a fanned 100 shot multi effect cake with differing sized tubes which varies the burst, sound, colours, effects and off the cuff, this is one of the busiest cakes in our range with fanned effects, straight comet effects, peonies, spinners and crackling stars.

90 Shot Fan Cakes

The upshot is, whether you want a cake a roman candle a barrage or a battery, we have something to suit every taste from super loud to really quiet they are all spectacular and are guaranteed to bring a smile to even the frostiest of faces.


Featuring Fans

There are a couple of different types of firework cake the first is the Vertical which means that the firework fires straight up into the air.

The second and the one being featured today is the Fan effect barrage. Coming in a number of different sizes, they range from around £7.45 to £85.00 with different effects but still sticking to the fanned principal.

I will detail three today which represent slow, medium and fast paced fan barrages which are our biggest sellers and are regularly incorporated into our DIY packs.

Imperial Invasion – The Stats

Shots:   250

Duration:  2 minutes and 25 seconds

Noise rating:  7/10

One of the longest lasting barrages in the UK, this is a magnificent piece which many include in their displays because of this.

Featuring some amazing sound effects and a stunning finale, it really has to be seen first hand to appreciate its beauty.

Beginning with pulse fired crackling tailed comets and whistles, it quickly moves onto spinning red peonies then fanned crackling red stars, before unleashing the hilarious sounds of the three-stage wolf whistle which is accompanied by fizzing darting stars with dancing glitter emitting more red peonies.

This whole process is repeated and is then completed with an astonishing launch of massive sky filling mine pots. Insane! This is simply superb pyrotechnics.

The Brick – The Stats

Shots:  107

Duration:  1 minute 25 seconds

Noise rating:  7/10

The Brick has 107 shots fired quickly and loudly with a superb mixture of effects.

Starting with loud bursting red peonies, blue stars and silver glitter this moves onto a lovely fanned section with red and green comets with silver tiger tails fired six at a time giving a beautiful spread across the sky.

This rapidly proceeds to whistle spinning silver stars with loud breaks into red and green peonies and silver chrysanthemums. Another fanned section of green and silver leads onto a rapidly fired finale of crackling stars, huge silver spinners and very loud pink and blue peonies.

The Brick lasts for about 1 minute 25 seconds and with this many effects is absolutely brilliant value for money and a fabulous middle section display piece which has pride of place in our majestic Giant and Ultimate Bonfire DIY display packs.

Awaken – The Stats:

Shots:  100

Duration:  35 seconds

Noise rating:  9/10

The loudest of the fanned barrages is the Awaken from Epic Fireworks. This fast-firing super loud beauty is a finale firework which is a must for any show.  The Awaken is so popular that we have included it in our new pack ‘Rebellion’ at £695.00 including VAT.

The huge Awaken single ignition firework is quickly becoming one of our best sellers. It starts with massive banks of golden palms with red tipped tails and volleys of crackling palms screeching skywards. Without any pauses, this turns into multi-level palm breaks with green falling stars that twinkle as they descend before the finale of spinning screeching comets and very loud reports and dragons eggs.

Fast and furious with huge effects, this is simply superb and a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

So, if you are looking for a fabulous fan effect which will be the envy of everyone and a talking piece for months to come, look no further than Epic Fireworks.

We are open 7-days a week, 362 days of the year and are only too happy to discuss your needs to ensure that you get the right products at the best price and the quality of our products speak for themselves. We have the crème-de-la-crème of pyro available and we are the cheapest in the UK.  You can either call in to see us in our custom built showroom in South Yorkshire or call us on 01226 749587 during office hours.