Fancy something other than the norm to let the new year in 2018?

Here at epic fireworks we have had a look around and handpicked what we think maybe some of the best places and events to visit this to let your new year start off with a bang!

We know we said somewhere different, but we are British after all and loyalty starts at home and all that; London continues to draw in tens of thousands of people with more and more areas being opened each year.

Thousands can now gather in different viewpoints around the city and along the Thames to listen for the iconic BIG Ben Bells and perhaps sneak in a quick selfie then stand back in awe of the one of the largest fireworks display in the World spread along the Thames, Big Ben and the London Eye all getting a piece of the action. The final batch of tickets is due to go on sale during the first week of December so if you are still looking for some, keep vigilant as they will be available for long.

With Sydney been the first of the major cities to let the new year in and as it is considered to be one of the best they must make sure that every year tops the last, as they know that majority of the world will be watching them.

This year they are putting on some pre-show entertainment starting at 6pm on near the waterside with a tugboat delivering some fantastic water displays and after this a welcoming ceremony for all to see.

The first of the two fireworks display’s takes place at 9pm for all the families and people with young children not to miss out on the evening. Then the main event begins with the iconic opera house and Sydney harbour bridge as the backdrop to over 5000 different effects colours and sounds. This waterside extravaganza is not to be missed and is definitely one on the bucket list.

Known for being the city that never sleeps; this has never been truer than on New Year’s Eve. All the Las Vegas strip is opened, and the biggest open-air party can begin with thousands of locals and holidaymakers wandering around celebrating the new year. If you want to get in out of the cold, there are various hotels that offer places, but these do start closing the doors at 11pm so plan ahead to ensure that you get a place.

On the stroke of midnight, over 80 thousand different fireworks are released into the skyline, all beautifully choreographed to music providing a one of a kind display for all to see.

NYE is the biggest event to happen in Rio after the carnival so there are plenty of things to do.

Get the party started early and dance along to some of the many live bands; join the tradition of casting flowers into the sea to honour the goddess Yemanja or simply join in the revelry. Everyone wears white as this said to bring good luck to them in the new coming year.
Catch a glimpse of the mile upon mile of barges linked on the water with pyrotechnics all ready for the clock to stroke 12. This is when everyone heads down to the Copacabana beach to take in the hundreds of colourful fireworks lighting up the skies above like a giant rainbow before the after party then starts until sunrise for most.

Dubai is a beautiful and proud nation and they have made massive endeavors in the past to offer up the world’s largest pyrotechnic display from the world’s tallest building. Whether it is the fireworks shooting from the top of the Burj Khalifa or over to the annual display at the Palm Jumeirah all the celebrations in Dubai are beautiful, rich and stylish with beautiful balls or fantastic rooftop restaurant views way up at level 43. You can still, however, head on down to downtown Dubai to the waterfront fountains where you can still get a glimpse of the amazing firework display.

How about taking in your fireworks display from a different place completely; above the famous cascades of the waters of Niagara Fall. But if that is not what you fancy they still have plenty going off in and around Queen Victoria park with fun for all the family. All the events are completely free and are going off all the way through December to the build-up of the big event the festival of lights to bring the new year in with a big bang.

The iconic Scottish capital’s castle is the backdrop to the main display along with the many of the renowned Hogmanay celebrations that also take place currently; there are light processions, street parties and live music and bands so plenty to do in and around the City of Edinburgh before the midnight bells strike and the spectacular fireworks surround the cold night skies and the after parties and celebrations begin.

One of the biggest street parties in Europe in celebrated between Brandenburg gate and Victoria column in Berlin. Each year millions of people descend on the city to join in the al fresco festivities entertained by with live bands, laser shows and DJs as well as an abundance of food and drink concessions to add to the atmosphere. The main fireworks event is a mixture of homemade firework demo’s and full on displays and the mixture of the two creates a one off spectacular vision of colour and sound.

Even at new year the most romantic City in the World appears to put a romantic spin on its celebrations to welcome the New Year in. The myriad of coloured lasers and pyrotechnics illuminating the top of Notre Dame Cathedral to the channels of the picturesque River Seine there is light all around. The best shows of all are on the streets of the 8th arrondissement where the displays are judged in order to win the right to the fireworks displays for the following year’s Bastille day in the city.

Wherever you choose to spend your New Year, whether it is over in Las Vegas or ‘Skeg Vegas’ have a great time from all at Epic Fireworks.


As the 2017 BFN season starts to gather momentum, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight some information to help to keep you, your family and pets safe and well.

Here at Epic, we are passionate about using pyrotechnics safely and not to the detriment of the local elderly, a beloved pet or indeed the local wildlife. It would be great if everyone could escape injury
all the time but accidents whether caused by a mishap or sheer foolishness there may be some minor burns to deal with.

Any display which includes fireworks and sparklers, whether it’s a few people at your property or indeed a sizeable crowd, should always have a water source close by. This should include a couple
of buckets of water and a hosepipe which is primed and ready to rock and roll. If someone suffers a burn, it is imperative to take immediate steps to treat the patient to avoid unnecessary pain and
suffering. Begin by running cool clean water over the affected area for at least 10-15 minutes. Follow this treatment by placing a clean damp towel over the burn and seeking medical assistance.

Next on the list; Pets. Now whether this includes your huge German Shepherd or a tiny little Bichon Frise, any animal can react badly to the loud noise, screeches, and whistles created by fireworks.
Data shows that an estimated 45% of all dogs will show signs of fear throughout BFN. However, if you take a few easy and well-timed steps you will reduce your pet’s anxiety making the situation a
great deal less worrying.

1. Hiding place – make sure your pet has somewhere they can hide throughout the BFN season. A cupboard, under the table or another item of furniture, is ideal. Just remember that if your pet has decided to hide out under the table containing your best lead crystal,
make sure to move it to avoid breakages.

2. Walkies – Make sure you walk your pet during daylight hours as this will avoid the additional worry of perhaps being out when the displays begin.

3. Dull the noise – Close curtains, turn the radio or TV on to lessen the noise.

4. Please be sure that your pet is microchipped just on the off chance that they escape so they can be reunited with you.

5. Outdoor pets – Cover small outdoor pet cages with carpet or a cover which will help to dull the noise and put additional bedding in with your rabbit or guinea pig which again will reduce stress.

6. A bonfire just looks like an ideal home exhibition to a small animal so we recommend that you collect all the materials for the Bonfire in a separate place to where it is to be lit so that any ‘visitors’ can escape to safety. Immediately before lighting, we also recommend you go around and prod around the base of the fire again to remove any hedgehogs etc.

Above all, stay safe and enjoy the fireworks safely and keep in mind the animals that need to be taken care of. Have a fantastic BFN and if you need help or advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

World Fireworks Championship Blackpool

WHAT: Blackpool World Fireworks Championships
WHERE: Tower Festival Headland, Promenade,
Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 4BJ
WHEN: Friday the 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th September 2017
WHAT TIME: The event starts 7:30pm and fireworks fired at 8:30pm (weather permitting)
WHY: Firework Competition
COST: Free of charge

The skies above Blackpool will be lit up by more than just the lights during the world fireworks Championships throughout September this year.

International Firework Display - Blackpool 2013

Make sure you are there early to pick your spot anywhere along the promenade and be prepared to be dazzled and amazed by the spectacular displays put on by some of the best pyrotechnic teams from all over the world.

This event has become one of the most popular shows in the UK due to the fantastic performances by each group year on year.

Bring along all of the family and make a full weekend of it with plenty more to do and see in Blackpool or check out the website for more ideas.

Dates for your diary

Friday 8th September – Super Power – Poland

Friday 15th September – Brezac Artifices – France

Friday 22nd September – Fireworks for Africa – South Africa

Friday 29th September – Celebration Display by UK and Winner Announcement

Pick a night to suit you or even maybe 2 and get planning today to avoid missing out on this stunning event in 2017.

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