Pattaya International Firework Festival 2015


The Pattaya International Firework Festival began in 2007 to both celebrate the birthday of their beloved leader and offer a much-needed boost to the local economy. This is the 9th annual event which brings together the best of the best from around the world to entertain and delight the gathered spectators, often numbering into their tens of thousands.

The firework competition takes part in two sections. The first on the Friday, gives the display specialists a 10 minute window during which to wow the crowds on an individual basis before the event on Saturday where the teams will all pull together to put on a 45 minute spectacular. The Countries taking part are from:

· China
· Philippines
· Korea
· Japan

As this is one of the biggest events in Pattaya there is plenty to do. There is entertainment with parades, live music, concerts and traditional and contemporary dance. And of course, there are lots of stalls around selling locally made handicrafts and the shops will stay open until late evening.

Fireworks Festival 2011 Pattaya

The reason for the event is to celebrate the anniversary and birthday of the King of Thailand, Bhumibil Adulyadej who has been on the throne for an impressive 65 years. His continued poor health is of course cause for concern among his very loyal subjects, but at 87, it is not unsurprising that he should be feeling his age.

They also include a flash mob which should be entertaining too but we will bring you the videos of the event as soon as they are available.

Catherine Wheel Cookies

Bonfire Night is just around the corner and the children are off school – what to do?

Why not bake?!

This is a recipe I have tried and tested with my grand-daughter (as I did with my gramma years ago) and I think it is delightful.

You will need:

12 oz plain flour
6 oz caster sugar
7 oz softened butter
1 egg
2 tsp vanilla extract
Two food colourings (I used yellow and blue but you can use any two contrasting colours)
Hundreds and thousands (or silver sugar balls/sugar strands)

You will need to pop the butter and sugar into a bowl and beat together until it is a light creamy colour. Add the vanilla extract, plain flour and egg and mix thoroughly until it comes together into a dough – Split it into two, mix the colouring in to either portion and wrap and cool till the dough stiffens a little.

Once cooled, remove from the fridge and roll out each different colour into a square and place one on top of the other and roll out to the thickness of a pound coin then roll into a swiss roll and again, chill.

Slice into 1cm thick pieces and place on a baking tray. Press into the surface of each ‘wheel’ the hundreds and thousands (or similar) and bake for 15 minutes and then cool.

Simply delicious.

RESULTS: Herrenhausen Fireworks 2015

Back in May, we brought you news of the annual Herrenhausen International Fireworks competition, held annually on 5 Saturdays between May and September and it brings together top teams from Italy, Spain, Finland, Sweden and the Philippines to fight it out for this International title.

The competition is judged by a jury of 10 independent pyro experts. The displays lasted approximately 25 minutes and included a 4 minute compulsory section which all the teams had to include and the remaining choreographed display can be to any selection of music. They also have to use a minimum of ground elements but apart from that, the skies the limit! (no pun intended … honest!)

The final results were:

1st Goteborgs Fyrverkeri Fabrik – Sweden
2nd Dragon Fireworks – Philippines
3rd Ricardo Cabballer Ricassa

Being straight, I still had Pyroemotions from Italy as the front-runner as their display really was (imho) a truly beautiful show, but, each to their own and warmest congratulations to all the competitors who took part.

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