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Make It an EPIC 2012 Guy Fawkes Night

Heard of Hot Picks – These Are Epics staff’s own choices.

From the boss to Bruce, everyone here at Epic has their own particular favourite and I would like to share some of their selections with you.

Paul – Thunderous Finale by Epic Fireworks.
This is the dogs' doodahs (to pinch a phrase). It has to be the best of the range IMHO. The winner of a number of industry awards and used by most of the CAT 3 firers in the UK it is a spectacular must have piece. Huge volleys of 4 shots at a time screaming into the air before breaking into phenomenally large coloured palms which overlap giving the effect of a multi-shell burst. The next 4 shots explode to produce electrifying clouds of crackles that absolutely fill the sky above you. Beautifully timed to create the perfect display, the sky is never empty with this monstrously powerful barrage. Culminating in a double 8 shot finale volley with silver crackling palms: An absolute essential for any finale.

Ravinder – Sales – her choice is the Earthshaker by Epic Fireworks.
The name just says it all - it's like an earthquake in a box. Lasting 2 minutes it is full on sky filling effects of peonies, comets, strobing stars and a monstrously big finale of multi-shot crackling stars with exceptionally loud bangs, whistles and hummers.

Stuart – Sales – Favourite one (choosing took ages!!) is the Sabretooth by Marvel Fireworks.
This is one brilliant single ignition fan barrage which is a great addition to any firework display. The effects are beautiful and include squeaking whistles which lead to large bursts of cherry red stars and silver peonies, mine pots, silver comet tails and much more... This is a classic fan firework barrage and is already a firm customer favourite.

Wyn – Sales – His favourite is Chemical X by Marvel Fireworks.
This is a straight copy of one of the most popular fireworks of all time –Open Fire by Brothers Pyrotechnics. Red and blue comets with spinning silver tails break into large and strong chrysanthemums, fired at nice steep angles to give a good spread across the sky. This is punctuated by intervals of large golden willows with slow-falling trails that light up and ending with a brilliant cloud of crackles. This is a beautiful firework and sensational as a finale when lit in pairs.

Donna – Sales – Her favourite is the new Epic in Motion by Epic Fireworks.
New to the Epic range this awesome piece of pyro has been a re-design again on an old favourite the Hercules which was the star of the show in 2007. This is full on mental and one of the loudest consumer fireworks currently available in the UK. Lasting over a minute, it is a show in a box. This will be brilliant towards the end of a show or as a stand-alone piece for a New Year display. A must-have for any self-respecting pyro head.

Julie – Sales – Her choice is Dancing Dragons by Oriental Fireworks.
Its easy to see where this beautiful piece of pyro art gets its name. The colours are vivid in this fan barrage that delivers well timed and beautifully spread fans of different coloured palms. Brilliant silver spinners turn into red then green then orange palm bursts that are well spread across the sky and linger just long enough to let the next volley get out, accompanied by silver strobes and beautiful clouds of green and purple stars. The great timing makes this the core of a great number of displays and helps to maintain its place as one of the most popular barrages in the UK today.

Such nice timing is always nice to see in a fan barrage and helps to make this one of the more popular barrages in the UK this year.

Sarah – Sales – chooses Screaming Spiders by Epic Fireworks.
A must see award-winning finale firework from Epic Fireworks. A two-stage mine with large reports breaking into the sky producing golden tails with willow effect bursts, massive jet screams, glittering confetti, crackling comet tails to tourbillions with blue peonies, dragon’s eggs and strobes to finish. This is perhaps one of the best fireworks the UK has ever seen. Epic Fireworks’ masterpiece the Screaming Spiders finale cake took the UK fireworks industry by storm 5 years ago and was voted second best firework in the 2007 UKFR (UK Firework Review) awards. Absolutely awesome and staggeringly good when fired in multiples.

We all have very specific ideas as to what it is that we want to see in a firework. If you have seen an effect in the past and can describe it to us, one of our technicians will be able to identify a range of products which contain this and we will give you the right links to look at online.

For all your firework needs, come along or call us anytime 7 days a week.

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