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Top Pyro Picks: Best Fireworks for under £50

Top Pyro Picks: Best Fireworks for under £50

Searching for an explosive spectacle without burning a hole in your pocket?

Then look no further!

In this guide, we've handpicked the finest fireworks that pack a punch all for under £50.

These budget-friendly fireworks promise to deliver a professional quality, crowd-pleasing display, packed with a great range of effects and vibrant colours, all without breaking the bank.

So, let's get on with the show and explore the best fireworks for under £50.

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Humming Hornets 28-Shot Barrage

"The highlight of my show according to virtually everyone in attendance. So different to most other effects, a hummer cake always gets a laugh, and this is up there with the best for clarity of effect. Definitely a new favourite, and will be on the list for future displays!" - David

As you can see from the video, this excellent little sonic barrage is guaranteed to get a giggle from your crowd thanks to its unique sound effects. Featuring effects that dart, zip, and whistle in every direction,with vibrant red, green, yellow, and blue stars. Its impressive finish, spreading large colored comet tails in a fanned pattern, marks this as one of the best small fireworks we've seen in a long time.

RRP: £29.99
Epic Price: £14.94

Explore Humming Hornets features and buy today

Blue Star Eruption Mine

Blue Star Eruption Mine

"This is one of the very best traditional type mines on the market and is ideal for starting a large display. I was stunned at how vivid it's blues were and it took the entire crowd by surprise." - Tony

At the start you could easily mistake this for a fountain, that is until it suddenly fires a volley of ten shots complete with vivid blue tails that finish in blue and golden crackles.

And if you like noise, this one is one for you thanks to its 9/10 noise rating.

RRP: £24.99
Epic Price: £19.98

See Blue Star Eruption Mine in action and buy today


Mega Rocket Pack

"This rocket pack gets a 5 star from me and not just because of the price, what you get for your money is amazing. These are always on my list and as long as I can get them they always will be." - William

You might think that getting 21 rockets at this price would mean you'd be compromising on quality, but you'd be wrong.

This selection is truly remarkable, featuring an array of colors and effects: vibrant red, green, and blue peony with crackling; red, silver, and gold waves; crackling paired with silver fish and glitter, and crackling bursts featuring highly sought-after falling leaves that gracefully drift with impressive hang time.

Mega is a truly impressive and exceptional value-for-money rocket pack.

RRP: £59.99
Epic Price: £29.94

Explore Megas features and buy today

Wild One 81-Shot Barrage

Wild One 81-Shot Barrage

"If you like your fireworks a bit quieter and appreciate stunning visual effects and unusual noise effects you will love this, a huge range of different effects, great to break up the bangs in your display and mix up the effects, I have 3 ordered for my display this year." - Dan

With 81 shots fired in an average of 37 seconds the Wild One really adds some drama and atmosphere to your display.

This brilliant barrage begins with shimmering spinners transitioning into dragon eggs with a sonic whistle effect, leading to glittering horsetails that transform into horsetails with iridescent white tips. Following that, you get a series of shots that produce coloured falling leaves, followed by additional spinners and dragon eggs, finishing in a final volley that merges all of the effects into a vibrant bouquet of colors and stunning visuals.

RRP: £99.99
Epic Price: £49.98

See Wild One 81-Shot Barrage in action and buy today


Napalm 19-Shot Barrage

"Wow. Just......WOW. Stunning colours and a luscious palm effect combined to make this one of the best pieces I have ever fired. It stole the show, and left me grinning from ear to ear! Simply awesome." - David

Do we need to say more than David?!

Napalm is destined to be a must-have amongst all of you pyro lovers. It's absolutely stunning and even better when in pairs or groups.

RRP: £49.99
Epic Price: £24.96

Explore Napalms features and buy today

Moving Target 105-shot barrage

Moving Target 105-Shot Barrage

"This firework is so beautiful that I buy it every year and will continue to do so for as long as I can. It's beautiful effects never get old and it will always be a masterpiece in my eyes." - Craig

There aren't many fireworks where you get over 100 shots for under £50, which makes Moving Target fantastic value for money and a great choice if you're on a budget.

This is a firm Epic team favourite that delivers a serious punch for its modest size.

RRP: £39.99
Epic price: £19.98

See Moving Target 105-Shot Barrage in action and buy today


Supreme Rocket Pack

"I find rockets to usually be overpriced for what is essentially one bang. However, these rockets provide great value for money. They have a reasonably large effect and for the price they cannot be beat. I've bought them three years in a row and will be buying them again this year. 100% would recommend." - Laura

Supreme packs a punch with 12 mixed 1.3G rockets, offering vibrant colors and impressive effects.

Some of the rockets in the pack may seem relatively small, but you know what they say about the best things coming in small packages right?!

From cascading red falling leaves to crackling greens and dazzling coconut tree bursts, these rockets provide both quality and affordability, making them a great addition to any display.

RRP: £39.99
Epic Price: £19.98

Explore Supreme Rocket Packs features and buy today

Heavy Duty 64-Shot Barrage

Heavy Duty 64-Shot Barrage

"Heavy Duty just delivers every time. The effects that come out of this firework never disappoint, its such a little powerhouse with good duration too. You would think the firework was twice the size with what it throws out." Jack

With thirteen 5* reviews you don't just have to take our word for how good this firework is. 

Heavy Duty offers an impressive 64 shots of gold comet tails, red strobes, and vibrant lime green peonies combine with spiraling whistles, crackling effects, and sparking spinners for a fantastic visual and auditory experience. All finishing with a loud multi-shot finale.

With an average duration of 70 seconds and all of those effects, Heavy Duty guarantees a great show and is a must have for any display.

RRP: £69.99
Epic Price: £34.98

See Heavy Duty 64-Shot Barrage in action and buy today


Howling Wolves Barrage

"I love the noise this makes, a blood curdling howl as it goes up really high with massive bursts, very loud, goes really high and big colourful booms, I fired 2 together and was awesome, my 2 little boys loved it as well." - Dan

The Howling Wolves barrage is a stunner in every sense. With a thunderous noise rating of 9/10, it creates a spectacular display with super loud, screaming howls culminating in palm and crackle effects.

Featuring massive, overlapping effects, this fantastic barrage is one of our top-selling fireworks and it's not hard to see why. For an even more impressive display, try launching two simultaneously or pair it with the 25-shot Triple Whistle Cake for an amplified volume of howl effects.

RRP: £89.99
Epic Price: £44.94

Explore Howling Wolves features and buy today

Sky Thriller rocket

Sky Thriller Rocket

"Stunning. We got three of the new Sky Thriller rockets for Bonfire Night just gone. One alone was impressive, but the two we set off together as a finale just blew us away - loud, high, and the breaks were enormous and literally filled the sky. Cannot recommend enough." - James

If we had to sum up the Sky Thriller rocket in a single word it would be - WOW!

Launching with a massive boom, it bursts into a breathtaking display of giant glittering golden willow, followed by an endless cascade of slow-falling twinkling stars that linger in the sky.

This rocket consistently delivers and it's the ideal finale for any display and the perfect way to finish our list of the top fireworks for under £50.

RRP: £39.99
Epic Price: £19.98

See Sky Thriller in action and buy today

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