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Top Pyro Picks: Best Fireworks for Under £10

Top Pyro Picks: Best Fireworks for Under £10

Adding fireworks to any event is guaranteed to turn it into something truly memorable. But what do you do if you're on a budget?

Well, you don't need to break the bank to have a fantastic night with fireworks. In this guide, we've handpicked the best pyrotechnic marvels priced under £10.

Whether you're gearing up for an intimate garden gathering, a festive fiesta, or a spontaneous night of pyrotechnic fun, these budget-friendly fireworks are here to deliver a bang without emptying your bank account.

Join us as we explore the top pyro picks that promise to light up your night without lightening your wallet.

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Let's get the show started!

Silver Rain Fountain

"Perfect firework to start the display with. The height this fountain gets is impressive. The spray of sparks just gets better and better." - Jack

This really is a superb garden fountain by Black Cat Fireworks. It's the biggest and most powerful fountain available in the UK and reaches a massive height featuring silver spring effects.

RRP: £13.99
EPIC Price: £9.96

Buy Silver Rain fountain today

Linebacker 25-shot barrage

Linebacker Barrage

This great littler 25-shot cake is part of the 'Black Cat All-Stars' series.

When lit it produces a single effect ejecting vivid lemon and purple stars into the sky. It's a great little firework and fantastic when fired in pairs.

RRP: £14.99
EPIC Price: £9.96

Buy Linebacker barrage today and check out the other barrages in this line, Nickelback, Touch Down and Jammer, all for under £10.

Sky Roar Shot Tubes

Getting great rockets for under £10 is a tough ask, but with Sky Roar the search is complete. Whilst not rockets, these awesome shot tubes are a fantastic alternative to a rocket pack.

With Sky Roar you get 4 varied effect shot tubes that reach 60 feet into the sky and create large starbursts, crackling palms, and beautiful red crackle stars.

Who needs a rocket with these?!

RRP: £9.99
EPIC Price: £4.98

Buy Sky Roar shot tubes today

Peacock fountain

Peacock Fountain

"Decent piece that's worth having in your display to break up the bangs, or to pad out that selection box with 5 second fountains! The colours are more impressive in the flesh than on the video as well!" - David

With a 60 second duration. this mixed effect fountain is awesome value for money.

Delivering a display packed with a raining spray of silver sparks, a sharp whistle sound, a trident sequence with a thick wall of effects and crackling chrysanthemums bursts. All culminating in silver effects that magically turn golden completing an outstanding, well-rounded display.

RRP: £11.99
EPIC Price: £9.96

See the Peakcock fountain in action and buy today


Laser Cannon 36-Shot Barrage

"Don't be fooled by the small physical size of these cakes. They may be small but they are also mighty!" - Craig

Craig couldn't have put it better. You really won't believe what this little firework is capable of. 

This seemingly never-ending cake fires 36-shots of varied effects and is a great firework to add to the middle of your display. Plus, this fantastic little firework is one of the Epic Fireworks Laser range, so there are three other awesome, budget friendly fireworks you can add alongside this.

RRP £11.99
EPIC Price £5.94

Buy Laser Cannon barrage today and check out the other barrages in this line, Laser Fire, Laser Duel and Laser Ice  all for under £10.


Star Shower fountain

Star Shower Fountain

"Not quite sure how Epic does this at this price but keep it up" - Kenneth

Another fantastic fountain, once lit the Star Fountain offers a vibrant show including vivid red and orange stars with a soft crackling silver flower, all delivered at a great height.

RRP: £19.99
EPIC Price: £9.96

See the Star Shower fountain in action and buy today


Silver Spirals Barrage

"Packs a punch beyond its size. Nice height and broad silver spirals. Launched one today as a tester, and got claps and a whistle of approval from a neighbour. A good, low-noise purchase." - James

Not everyone likes loud fireworks so if you're looking to create a low-noise, budget-friendly display then you need to add the Silver Spirals barrage to your basket.

This single-effect barrage offers a very distinctive and seldom seen effect. It's a great one to fire in pairs or multiples, keeping your guests and neighbours happy.

RRP: £19.99
EPIC Price: £9.96

Buy Silver Spirals barrage today


"AWESOME!!!!! This is a brilliant firework great fountain with some super mine pots. This is a three layer fountain starts off small followed by the layers of mines! A must have for any display being big or small!" - Sean

Another great value for money, not only due to the various effects it delivers but also for the fact that it has an impressive 60 second average duration.

RRP: £11.99
EPIC Price: £5.94

See the Fantasia fountain in action and buy today


Angel Dust

"Got this for our daughters birthday and what can i say, for a small Barrage its awesome. Stunning effect with a wide spray. 1000% recommended will be getting this again for any occasions I can." - Carl

Another great addition for when you're looking to create a low-noise display. Do not be deceived by the small size of this cake, the spread is absolutely huge and makes an ideal firework to start your display with. 

RRP £13.99
EPIC Price £9.96

Buy Angel Dust barrage today


Gold Fountain


"Once lit blew me away with its raw-power and beauty. It's showering sparks burn extremely cleanly and reach mind-boggling heights. If you thought things couldn't get any better it also has a superb duration and therefore ticks all of the right boxes. If you want a high quality conical fountain then look no further!" - Craig

This great little fountain is perfect for both low-noise displays, but also for those in small garden and outdoor spaces. It delivers a single effect of gold sparkling flowers which peak at a superb height.

RRP £19.99
EPIC Price £9.96

See the Gold fountain in action and buy today

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