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The 5th Philippine International Pyro Musical Competition 2014

The 5th Philippine International Pyro Musical Competition 2014

WHAT: The 5th Philippine International Pyro Musical Competition
WHERE: Philippine
WHEN: 15th February 2014 - 22nd March 2014

After the mince pies and the last of the turkey has been tucked away, the International Fireworks competitions get underway once again in the Philippines.

This year’s competition takes place between the 15th February and the 22nd March as the best of the best International Fireworks teams from around the world gather to bring home the crown for their country.

The schedule for this year is:

Saturday 15th February 2014
Platinum Fireworks Inc. – the host nation from the Philippines with their opening exhibition.
Howard and Sons Fireworks (Australia)

Saturday 22nd February 2014
Brunchu Pyro Experience (Spain)
Jubilee Fireworks (UK)

Saturday 1st March 2014
Brezac Artifices (France)
Tmaya Kitahara (Japan)

Saturday 8th March 2014
Liuyang New Year Fireworks (China)
Vulcan Europe (Germany)

Saturday 15th March 2014
Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd (Finland)
Royal Pyrotechnie (Canada)

Saturday 22nd March 2014
Atlas Pyrovision (USA)
Platinum Fireworks Inc. - Closing display by the host nation from the Philippines.

This competition is billed as one of the largest and fiercely fought events in the fireworks calendar. Whether this is true or not doesn’t detract from the fact that the competition within the industry is and remains and important part of the progression and honing of the art that is pyromusical.

We would, of course, like to wish Jubilee Fireworks the very best of luck on 22nd February and we will all be cheering you on from the UK.


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