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We all know that fireworks come in many different sizes, shapes and types. From roman candles to catherine wheels, rockets to compound cakes, the choices are endless.

But keep reading to learn about some truly astounding pyro that shattered records and gave us a new idea of what fireworks are really capable of… (All records by Guinness Book of records, 2022.)

Largest Catherine Wheel:

The largest Catherine Wheel ever built was made in Mqabba, Malta in 2011 by Lily Fireworks.

It measured just over 32 metres in diameter and completed 4 turns using its own firepower!

See below for a video of this brilliant contraption.

Biggest Firework Rocket:

This record was achieved by the BFR Boys in Nevada, in September of 2014. The rocket weighed an astounding 213 lbs, (97kg) and had a burst size of around 360 metres!

You must see it to believe it…

Longest Chain of Fireworks:

The longest recorded chain of fireworks was achieved by Ras Al Khaimah, Marjan (both UAE) and Fireworks by Grucci (USA) in the United Arab Emirates, on New Years Eve, 2018/2019.

As you can see, some people will go to never ending lengths to make the most brilliant pyro come to life. To see more awesome firework world records, please click here.

And remember, you may not be a world record holder (yet) but you can still prepare for an amazing and unforgettable New Year, Birthday Party or other celebration by shopping with EPIC Fireworks!

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