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Pyro 2000 kick off the Honda Celebration of Light

Pyro 2000 kick off the Honda Celebration of Light

UK's Pyro 2000 kick off the Honda Celebration of Light - full fireworks video 1080p HD.

Proud Yorkshire based company Pyro 2000 kicked off the 2013 Honda Celebration of light in Canada on Saturday.

Although the company was only established in 1996, making it a new-born in the world of International Pyro when you compare it to the likes of Grucci (est 1850) and Zambelli (est 1893), they are acknowledged as being world-class pyro musical specialists.

The theme of the display this year was ‘James Bond’ and they put on a show which would have made 007 proud. There were some pretty spectacular sky-filling fireworks, loud, bright and colourful the team put together a fantastic display, choreographed brilliantly to the music. With tracks including The Spy Who Loved Me, Diamonds are Forever and Skyfall to name but a few which were brilliantly represented with some staggeringly large shells making the gathered masses squeal with delight.

The event is recognised as one of the biggest and best firework shows in North America. Upwards of 250,000 spectators turned out on Saturday to see the first of three shows. The Canadian team follow on Wednesday evening and then on Saturday, August 4th, the team representing Thailand take to the stage to wow the crowds.

I am sure that the other competitors will be great but they really will have to go some to beat the show we were treated to on Saturday.

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