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NEW Fireworks for 2014

NEW Fireworks for 2014


Great News peeps ….. The first eight of our containers are arriving at Felixstowe on Monday and are packed to the top with quality pyro.

Following on from an exceptional season in 2013, we found ourselves left short of stock across the board and made the unprecedented decision to order immediately after 5th November to replenish our depleted product range.

The goods are being transported aboard the Cosco England, one of China’s largest container ship. This massive vessel was launched in late autumn 2013 and made its maiden voyage to Shanghai, the biggest container port in the World. At an impressive 366 metres long and 52 metres wide – the size of three full-sized football pitches (1200 feet long and 170 feet wide) and it takes more than 13000 containers.

The goodies on their way include lots of the fabulous King Hell SIB, more of the rocket volleys (the awesome rocket volley sold out early last year again despite buying 4 times what we had the year before) and of course, lots of the old favourites like Thunderous Finale and Screaming Spiders. The old favourites will be joined by the new Heavyweight SIB. This 1.3G bad boy boasts 107 massive shots of different effects including silver fish, crackle cloud, stars, palms and lots of colour, which we are sure that everyone will love.

Heavyweight 107 Shot Barrage by Epic Fireworks from EpicFireworks

This is of course just the beginning of the deliveries of products from the Far East. The next shipment of containers are due in June as we don't want to run the risk of being caught out by the hot weather over in China, which completely halted any production until the government agreed that it was safe to continue last year.

On a final note, we would recommend that anyone planning a big display this year bears in mind that we cannot guarantee that you will receive what you want if you leave your purchases until the last-minute, so get your order in early to avoid disappointment.

See you all soon.

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