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Firework Shipping Containers. How They Are Made.

Firework Shipping Containers. How They Are Made.

2013 Epic Firework Deliveries

Every year, Epic Fireworks ship around 50 containers into the UK, literally packed to the roof with top quality pyro. But, we got to wondering, how are they made?

This video footage is fascinating and shows the process from the cutting of the steel for the main structure, all the way to it going off the production line, tested and ready to go.

The vast majority of large, shipping container production takes place in China. The first step is to cut and press the steel sheets into corrugated lengths and the roof of the container is made from the same but with a lesser indentation. The floor struts are again made from steel folded into a long oblong box shape for added strength.

Once the sheets are cut and pressed and the ceiling and floor struts are ready, the pieces are welded together. The doors and corner posts are made with struts to strengthen them and once they are all together, they are sprayed with primer and the flooring (usually a wooden sheet) is varnished and attached. Then rubber seals are added to ensure that the container is watertight, a very important feature when many of these containers transport goods thousands of miles over the water. It is finally sprayed all over the base to waterproof it fully and then it is tested to ensure that it is watertight and ready to roll off the production line.

A fascinating insight into something we take for granted every day as we see them arrive on site packed with pyro.

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