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How Do You Say Fireworks Around The World

How Do You Say Fireworks Around The World

Fireworks are loved around the World and each country has their own name for pyro.

From their humble beginnings in China to the HUGE displays that many have been fortunate enough to see today, there is little comparison to be had.
That said, I am sure that as far as excitement value is concerned, can you imagine what it was like for the hardworking people in ancient China and the reaction to explosives!

In the last few years we have seen more Guinness World Records broken than ever as the technical applications and firing systems improve and developments in the pyro industry in regards to shape creations moves forward there is a need to ‘show off’.

Over in Europe, where it is accepted that they added the colour and spectacle to fireworks by testing different chemicals, metals and salts they have used fireworks in the majority of religious celebrations for hundreds of years and still continue to do so today.

I believe that the one thing that separates us from the rest of Europe is not having the same religious festivals as we used to do. As a child, every Whitsuntide, my local town held a huge Gala with the usual floats, parades etc and they had fireworks and we all had our new summer clothes, coats and shoes to show off as the family got together at the local park to see the fireworks. However, over the years this tradition fell by the wayside and has never been replaced. In Spain, there is said to a fiesta every day of the Year either on the mainland or the numerous islands and they can turn ANY celebration into a massive excuse for a knees-up ‘wine-a-thon’ firework spectacular at the drop of a hint.

Over in Greece, Easter in Chios means firing rockets from one church tower to the other to try to hit the bell on the other side which is a tradition which harks back to the late thirteenth century.

Two of the biggest display fireworks manufacturing companies in the WORLD are in Europe, Vaccalluzzo and Caballer FX who are known for supplying high quality pyro with some of the best effects in the World today.

The translation for fireworks for each country is:

German: Feuerwerk
Dutch: Vuurwerk (Many thanks to Erik Jansen)
Spanish: Fuegos artificiales
French: Feu d’ artifice
Italian: Fuochi d'artificio
Portuguese: Fogos de artifício (also fogos)
Japanese: Hanabi (also enka)
Korean: Bulkok
Chinese: Yanhua (also huapao)
Indonesian: Petasan
Malayalam (Kerala, India): Vedikettu
Thai: Bangfai (also bongfai)
Malta: Tan-nar
Turkish: Havai fisek
Courtesy of Cynthia Meng from Liuyang, China - "Chinese people say "Hua pao" or "Yan Hua" or "Bao Zhu" for the fireworks and firecrackers! :)
Xie Xie Cynthia :)

If you have any others, let us know and we will add them to the list.

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