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The Word Firework In Different Languages

Fireworks at weddings have always been popular, the first recorded wedding firework display took place on the 18th June 1496 at the wedding of the future Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV.

Getting married in other countries is also on the up, as couples jet off to luxury locations to celebrate their union.
Combine the two and you could end up disappointed if you wanted a firework display and don’t know the language.

Here at Epic Fireworks we like to go a step further to provide a service like no other company, below you will see we have trawled the internet to bring you a few of our favourite destinations and the word “firework” in other tongues.

Simply write down the word, Show it to a local and hey presto directions to the nearest pyro outlet should be forthcoming.

Arabic - ألعاب نارية
Bulgarian - фойерверки
Chinese - 烟花爆竹
Croatian - vatromet
Czeck - ohňostroj
Danish - fyrværkeri
Dutch - vuurwerk
Finnish - ilotulitus
French - feux d'artifice
German - Feuerwerk
Greek - πυροτεχνήματα
Hebrew - זיקוקים
Hindi - आतिशबाजी
Italian - fuochi d'artificio
Japanese - 花火
Korean - 불꽃
Norwegian - fyrverkeri
Polish - fajerwerki
Portuguese - fogos de artifício
Romanian - focuri de artificii
Russian - фейерверк
Spanish - fuegos artificiales
Swedish - fyrverkerier

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