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Epic. The Home of Professional Display Quality DIY Fireworks

Are You Looking For Professional Display Quality Fireworks – then look no further. We have the largest range of top quality fireworks which will create some of the most stunning aerial and ground effects you have ever experienced.

We have fountains which are the perfect start to your show. The 1kg Super Conic fountain reaches around 30 feet into the sky with the most stunning falling and shooting stars. Lasting a little over 100 seconds, this is brilliant, beautiful and a great addition to any show.

We have what must be the largest and best-performing consumer Catherine Wheel on the UK market, the Ring Of Fire. This huge wheel spins for a full 60 seconds with an almighty spread of silver, green and red stars and golden crackles. Another must-have for this year’s Bonfire Night celebrations.

Here at Epic, we are best known for two things, our rocket range and massive barrage range. The best of the bunch in regards to rockets is in my opinion the Sky Thriller rocket. This new improved version (difficult to improve on brilliant, but we managed it) is bigger, better and louder than before and sounds like a gas explosion. With a HUGE burst which fills the sky with an astounding single burst of giant glittering golden willow and seemingly unending descent of slow falling twinkling stars that hang in the sky for almost 10 seconds. A Beautiful addition to any show whether for Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve or even a party or special celebration.

And finally, what Epic do best – BIG BRASH LOUD BARRAGES – Let's start with our very best. Starting with Thunderous Finale. There is little to be said that has not already been said about this barrage. If you want a finale to remember, you MUST have one of these.

Huge volleys of 4 shots at a time screaming into the air before breaking into phenomenally large coloured palms which overlap giving the effect of a multi-shell burst. The next 4 shots explode to produce electrifying clouds of crackles that absolutely fill the sky above you. Beautifully timed to create the perfect display, the sky is never empty with this monstrously powerful barrage. Culminating in a double 8 shot finale volley with silver crackling palms: An absolute essential for any finale.

And our lucky last, the wonderful new for 2012 Tornado Express. A 'no nonsense' fan finale barrage which alternates with swift large breaks of blue and gold stars, and massive white glittering peony breaks and a sky filling finale of golden crackling palms. Effects wise, this will be the closest you'll ever get to a professional firework.

The upshot is, if you are looking for fireworks which leave your friends and neighbours green with envy, get in touch with us at Epic fireworks and we will be sure to make this year’s Bonfire Night display the best yet.

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