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EastEnders and EPIC Fireworks

EastEnders and EPIC Join Forces

We are getting used to the limelight here at Epic, appearing in specialist magazines such as Wired, Sorted, Men’s Health and the Mail on Sunday. Add to this our ever-growing list of celebrities, ranging from the most intelligent man on the planet, Stephen Hawking to international recording star Lana Del Rey requesting permission to use our fireworks in her music video and sports stars from the worlds of Rugby and Premiership footballers each celebrating everything from birthdays to weddings and even a Britain’s got talent runner-up to mention just a few, we don’t get star struck any longer.

Epic Fireworks On EastEnders - Thu 7th Nov 2013

Last night the Moving Target and the Deep Impact barrage featured in Albert Square for the Queen Vic's Annual Bonfire Night show.

Check out the epic fireworks from the EastEnders episode below:)

If anyone wants to recreate their own EastEnders fireworks spectacular exactly as shown on Thursday 7th of November, call us any day of the year except Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day (the only days we close throughout the year) for some truly Epic Fireworks.

Epic Fireworks On EastEnders - Thu 7th Nov 2013

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