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Wedding Fireworks

As we enter the ‘Wedding Season’ here at Epic and using fireworks at the end of any couple’s special day is becoming more the ‘in thing’ than ever.

Although may people go for the ‘professional display’, nowadays there are more and more people choosing to fire their own DIY pack instead.

The length of the display itself is usually the starting point but the problem is that our perception of time is really warped. I recently tasked my colleagues in the office to indicate when they believed 5 minutes had expired without the aid of a clock or watch. No-one, without exception, got to within 30 seconds (nearest being the lovely Kash at 45 seconds over) of the timing which is a staggering indication that when it comes to fireworks, quality counts above quantity.

Realistically, we would recommend a show of between 3 and 10 minutes of full-on sky illuminating magic.

So, what should the prospective couple consider? We have a list of 5 common queries to think about before ordering your display.

1. Noise – many fireworks include various levels of noise ranging from the gentle pop or crackle to the full-on screeching whistle or report (a bit like gunfire) so you really should look to your guest list. Any very small children or the elderly may become quite upset at the noisier versions. However, if you are about to marry a huge prop forward from your local rugby club and 50 of his ‘mates’ are expected, worry not – the noisier the better.

2. Faulty fireworks – successful displays rely on the synchronicity of pyro and music and therefore any misfires will naturally have a high impact. Quality control here at Epic is paramount as we are very aware of how devastating this can be. Choosing a reliable stockist is usually the best action. We pride ourselves that not more than 20 fireworks per annum are known to fail and some of the ones reported were down to user error (upside down or not secured down). We visit China regularly to check on quality at random to ensure that we have done everything in our power to guard against such an occasion.

3. DIY – Don’t know how? – Doing it yourself can potentially save you a good few pounds. For example, most professional firework display companies will fire a 10-minute display for £795.00, whereas you can have someone fire for you a 15 minute all out display of colour for £395.00 with our Bouquets of Colour DIY wedding pack. This comes with a firing order, full safety instructions and the layout plan and safety lighters goggles etc. If your ‘firer’ has any questions at all, we are open 7-days a week and the call will be answered by a pyro expert. With 20-years experience, we have assisted many thousands of prospective customers in achieving some marvellous results.

4. More is not better – (well in this case anyway) Those amongst you who think that quantity over quality is the way to go are on their way to a world of trouble. The reason being that most of the smaller items are less dramatic and do not last as long, therefore, your designated firer will be running like an Olympic athlete in their attempt to light them all.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to opt for the most expensive choice but in fireworks, you truly do get what you pay for. If you give your supplier all the right information, they are the experts and where appropriate a bespoke display can be created, timed and laid out to your own requirements. We even have video’s of all our current stock (and some of those on their way to us from China at the moment) to enable you to make an informed decision. I would like to add that despite the images on your PC being really good, nothing compares to the sight of live fireworks.

5.What to have? – a good display should primarily be made up of cakes which take a single ignition and some of them are like ‘a display in a box’. The effects will keep your guests entertained with the surprise and delight of a sky bursting with light in a short but high impact display which will be remembered forever.

All told, we would recommend that you arm yourself with:
• A reasonable budget
• Colour scheme – we have a number of colour combinations like silver and blue and red and gold etc
• The age of the guests (for the noise levels you may be able to tolerate)
• Who will fire? Let us take them through the process and answer any questions
• Safety – where, when, what time, number of attendees, photo’s of the firing area where possible.

Once you have all this, call us, email or call over to see us. There is no obligation and we all love to talk fireworks. See you soon 🙂

Wedding Fireworks


Epic Fireworks in Glasgow

Before pressing play to ensure the kids are out the room, there is a bit of swearing towards the end.

The Epic Fireworks team provide a short and sweet display for good friend John’s 30th Birthday Party in Glasgow.

Pyro-technician extraordinaire Graeme Connelly ignited the fireworks at the West Scotland Cricket Club and the crowd was understandably appreciative.

Forgiveness has to be allowed for the camerawoman who made the cardinal sin of turning the camera sideways halfway through the display. However all is forgotten as when the “false finale” was over and the real fireworks began, everyone went mental!

Firing Order:

1 x Fire One

1 x Sky Lab and 1 x Mad Moth

2 x Typhoon Twister

1 x GoldenEye

1 x Sky Lab and 1 x Mad Moth


1 x Screaming Spiders and 1 x Whispering Palms and 1 x Rogue Vipers

1 x Drunken Glasgow Crowd

The whole display cost less than £220 and is available only from Epic Fireworks. You can tell from the noise the audience made that it was a great display and the reports to the local police only confirmed what we all knew. It was a brilliant show!