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Launch Kontrol Pulse Starter Pack

Original price £29.99
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Current price £19.96
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The Launch Kontrol PULSE remote firing system is a new piece of kit that is proving very very popular for anyone wishing to light fireworks without being right next to them.

It allows the user to stand at a safe distance and ignite fireworks without having to use portfires or other methods requiring the user to run back and forth between ignited fireworks.

With a range of 30m / 100 ft and expandable with 1 control board and multiple slaves, it means little Johnny can press the button to start the fireworks, or old Aunt Agnes can launch the finale rocket. 

Further information about the Launch Kontrol Pulse can be found here.

Each starter pack contains the following.

1 x Launch Kontrol Pulse - 4 cue firing board
4 x Launch Kontrol Pulse non-pyrogen igniters
1 x 2m flat cable with 4 x 2 pin connectors
1 x Cat-5 extension socket
1 x 2 core board expansion cable
1 x Instructions