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Launch Kontrol Pulse

Launch Kontrol Pulse

Board Firing - Launch Kontrol

This little firing board above is designed to be a basic firing device for consumer fireworks. It allows the user to fire the fireworks remotely, thereby mitigating the risk of possible injury.

You can use it from a few feet away to 75 feet away, but remember, if you use it at a range less than the recommended safety distance the user must retire to a safe place.

Launch Kontrol Pulse - Refill Pack - The Next Generation

Let us start with the clips. The clips are based on the original patented launch kontrol clips, but have been updated, they require less power to fire, and are more reliable than any non PCB based copy.

The guys at Launch Kontrol have added a fixed hinge for strength, furthermore, they have decided to make the cable re-usable year after year. The connections are all gold-plated so the risk of corrosion has been massively reduced.

All you have to do is simply clip them onto the visco safety fuse. The extension cable which will set the range is based on a standard CAT5 off the shelf product but not suitable for copper coated aluminium or steel.

Launch Kontrol by Wire - The Next Generation

This provides 4 cues per board. The board has an arm button and 4 firing channels. Each board has an extension port to link an unlimited number of boards together. The cues and boards can be fired in any order.

Launch Kontrol by Wire - The Next Generation

Any board with a 9v battery can act as a master board or power re-enforcement by adding more batteries to fire simultaneous multiple cues.

All the units have been tested and the boards fired while submerged in water without any adverse effect.

Each starter box comes with 4 Pulse clips, link cable, 2m igniter connection cable with 4 connectors which plug into the top of the clip and a Cat 5 connector to extend the range.

Launch Kontrol Pulse - The Next Generation

Once the fireworks display has ended, you just clean the cables, remove the battery and store them for next time.

The only things to be thrown away are the clips and the used fireworks.

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