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Super Conic 1kg Fountain

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This really is a superb 1kg machine pressed display fountain with excellent effects.

The biggest and most powerful fountain available in the UK reaches a massive 10 metres in height.

Super Conic Fountain Specifications

Carton Quantity: 1 x Super Conic Fountain
Approx Duration: 100 Sec
Firework Dimensions: 32cm x 11cm 
Noise Rating: 4/10
Classification: 1.4G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres

Featured in Wired Magazine

Wired Magazine November 2013 - Epic Fireworks

Review by barry chuckles
Posted on 12/01/2011

incredible! biggest fountain we have ever used. was not sure at the start but it really kicked in about half way through and got to the height of the house with ease. I spaced 3 of them about 5 metres apart each and it was stunning. might try for 6 next time!

Review by Mike Wallis
Posted on 10/11/2010

The video to this fountain does not do it justice, I lit 2 of these; 4 metres apart and the effect was lovely, and appeared to reach a height well over the stated 6 metres, lighting up a huge area with a nice loud crackle effect.
4 of these in a row could be used as a stunning and cost effective alternative to an expensive waterfall.

Review by anthony perkins
Posted on 08/11/2010

This is fantastic;it starts off in lovely silver and builds up to 7metres in height then it changes to crackles maintaining that, and it's extremely powerful effect height is maintained for the rest of it's duration, super! A row of three of these lit together would make a really powerful wall of fire to add some sparkle to any display. Epic-well done AGAIN! 5/5

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