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In these uncertain times, Stirling Council have taken steps to ensure that the regular Hogmanay celebrations will still take place – even if most of them will be online/virtual.

Fireworks celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Wallace monument

The expression ‘Hogmanay’ is the scot’s word for the last day of New Year celebrations and is thought that it came from a combination of the Gaelic and Nordic languages. It is usually a day longer as the scots thoroughly enjoy the event as it was largely a Catholic region, the majority didn’t celebrate Christmas until 1958 so they had an extra holiday on 2nd January which continues to this day.

The region of Stirling has of course, like the rest of the Country, been hit hard by the current epidemic and needs to continue to sell goods during the holiday season, despite the need for social distancing. Unfortunately, the current Covid threat has meant a full stop to mass gatherings, resulting in the usual events being unable to take place.

However, thinking on their feet, the local authorities have created some specially organised events, one of which will include a firework display being set off above the National Wallace Monument, high on the hilltop overlooking Stirling, allowing residents to enjoy them from the safety of their own home.


Sadly, the rules regarding public gathering means the regular Christmas Light switch on and the charming Reindeer Parade will not be taking place this year.  But, the local shops and retailers will still need your support so get along for all your Christmas and Festive goodies.

the boys from scotland .. well one of them anyway

If you live in the Stirling area, just remember that Epic deliver all over the UK mainland and we will be happy to get your firework order to you in time for your Hogmanay shenanigans.


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