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Water Fools Event

Water Fools Event

There were oohs and aahs aplenty on Saturday as Salford Quays played host to Media City UK’s Water Fools event. The brainchild of internationally acclaimed French Theatre company, Ilotopie, they have created a mystical ‘walk on water’ event surrounded by fireworks, flames and some brilliant costumed individuals who were walking, sleeping and naturally driving on the Manchester ship canal.

The initial sequence depicted a man’s head bursting into flames taking him from his humdrum life into a plethora of extraordinary occurrences. The concept made for a wonderful mix of the sublime and the ridiculous.

The fireworks started with a single shot of comets and then multi-shot screechers and strobing fountains. The fireworks then ramped up into some beautiful bronze palm bursts and fanned silver trailing bursts. The show continued on with spectacular spinners, horses tails as the skies over Salford lit up with reds, blues and greens finishing with slow-falling glitter … beautiful.

Pictures of the spectacular Water Fools Salford Quays firework show can be found here.

Anyone who was fortunate enough to see this first hand we would love to hear your comments. Let us know via email to and send us any photographs or video footage you may have.

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