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Visiting Brothers Pyrotechnics HQ. Episode 10.


Following on from episode 9, we got up early, had an English style breakfast again and made our way to the firework factory to discuss last nights firework demo.

We got to the factory around 1000 and discussed the products we liked and didn't liked, watched some of the videos from the demo, weighed some of the fireworks to ensure they weren't over the 10kg limit, selected some items to see again, played around with the packing and negotiated hard on price......we were getting closer to confirming the order for 2012 :)

We sat down, had a few drinks (non-alcoholic) analysed the demo list and discussed the demo which was going to take place the same night. We had a few hours to kill and decided to look at their impressive showroom. The showroom had changed from our last visit and had now been split into 3 sections, here are some of the pics we took:

Section 1 - Chinese Fireworks. The massive domestic market fireworks showroom.

Firecrackers Barrages And Sparklers - Epic Fireworks China Trip 2012

Section 2 - The Brothers Pyrotechnics Museum - An impressive collection of ancient firework tools, machines, historic posters, catalogues, and loads of other memorabilia.

Fireworks Legends - Epic Fireworks China Trip 2012

Section 3 - American fireworks showroom. This huge showroom was full of American samples, there must have been over 1000 different fireworks, here are some of our favourite firework names/labels that made us laugh :)

My Kinda Pretty Barrage - Epic Fireworks China Trip 2012

You can view more pictures on the epic fireworks flickr account - click here.

After the tour, it had started to get dark and the Brothers team invited us all for some food and drink before the demo. We declined. A tactical ploy perhaps (only joking Garry), but from experience mixing boatloads of alcohol and then watching a fireworks demo was a big NO goggles and firework demo's don't mix. We decided to have the demo first and beer later!

It was pretty cold and the demo started around 2000 and there were over 40 items to be seen. It lasted just under an hour and we were quite pleased with some of the fireworks. You can check out some of the videos on our Youtube Channel.

After the demo, we went back to the hotel to discuss the demo and had a few beers :)

Tomorrow we would go back to Brothers Pyrotechnics head office and start to prepare the order.

To be continued...

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