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Twister Roman Candle by Marvel Fireworks


Bird's eye view of the Twister Roman Candle in our showroom in Batley West Yorkshire.

No. of Shots ——48

Effect —— comets, pearls, strobes, crackles, spinners

Colour ——- red, green, orange, silver

Duration ——- 25 seconds

Calibre ——–25mm

Fast and furious the Twister Roman Candle from Marvel Fireworks is a great addition to your bonfire night fireworks display. Coloured stars and sonic sound effects with fantastic spinning silver strobes, tiger tails, comets and crackles. These giant roman candles have always been popular sellers for us and we like to see them in bonfire night displays. Remember, every barrage you have seen is basically made up of Roman Candles, indeed the roman candle was among the first style of fireworks to be invented.

The Twister Roman Candle Barrage

See how the Twister Roman Candle compares to a can of Coca-Cola. Below see the video footage of the Twister in action.

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