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Top Pyro Picks: Garden Fireworks

Top Pyro Picks: Garden Fireworks

Welcome to our guide to small fireworks for your garden.

In this article, we'll explore some of the best fireworks to add a touch of magic to your outdoor space. From elegant sparklers to bursts of colour from compact barrages, discover the simplicity and joy these miniature fireworks bring to your garden celebrations.

Afterall, just because you don't have a field to fire your fireworks from, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some pyro fun!



A garden firework display isn't complete without sparklers, and adults and children  alike will love these 10" Diamond Sparklers from Standard Fireworks.

Watch as they spark into life with large golden sparks that fizzle and jump for approximately 45 seconds. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, this packet of 5 sparklers offers a fantastic opportunity to share some special times together whilst creating lasting memories.

RRP: £0.99
Epic Price: £0.96
Buy Diamond Sparklers today



For those looking for a raise their sparkler game, then look no further! 

Add some sparkle to the fun with our Star Sparklers. Enjoy a delightful and safe display that adds a touch of excitement to your celebrations in a way that only sparklers can. Only this time, they're star shaped!

Lighting the top point of the star will cause golden sparks to travel both left and right, heightening the enjoyment even further with these 16" long fireworks.

RRP: £1.99
Epic Price: £1.98
Buy Star Shaped Sparklers today


Peacock Fountain

"Decent piece that's worth having in your display to break up the bangs, or to pad out that selection box with 5 second fountains! The colours are more impressive in the flesh than on the video as well!." - David

The Peacock fountain from Standard Fireworks is an excellent mixed effect fountain that also has varied firing patterns.

Initially, silver sparks flare-up in an animated column of raining spray during a tranquil and mesmerizing display. This quiet period is then interrupted with a sharp whistle sound, which marks the beginning of a trident sequence. Plumes fire three wide and give a thick wall of effects whilst crackling chrysanthemums burst above. Nearing its conclusion silver effects magically turn golden and luscious gold flitter completes an outstanding, well-rounded display.

With a duration of 60 seconds, this wonderful firework is both beautiful and offers terrific value.

RRP: £11.99
Epic Price: £9.96
Buy Peacock Fountain today


Gold Fountain

"This genuine machine-pressed cone oozes quality and once lit blew me away with its raw-power and beauty. It's showering sparks burn extremely cleanly and reach mind-boggling heights. If you thought things couldn't get any better it also has a superb duration and therefore ticks all of the right boxes. If you want a high quality conical fountain then look no further!" - Craig

This excellent high impact garden fountain can be used at 8 metres.

A single effect of gold sparkling flowers peaks at a superb height - brilliant value for money.

RRP: £19.99
Epic Price: £9.96
Buy Gold Fountain today


Cobra Tail

"Got to be the best banger on the market.
As one of the most traditional fireworks at all times, this is an alternative way to start a firework party alongside mines and fountains"
 - Frank

This really is a superb garden fountain and can be fired in the daytime or night.

You can either lay the Cobra Tail on the ground or for an even better effect hang the Cobra Tail from a tall post

RRP: £10.99
Epic Price: £9.96
Buy Cobra Tail today 

Super Star Selection BoxSuperstar selection box

“This is a great box for a small family with young children that require low noise fireworks. Also a great box if you have pets!" - Frank

This entry-level selection box by Marvel Fireworks provides incredible value for money. The Super Star box contains 15 high-quality fireworks (9 fountains, 3 roman candles, 2 missile cakes, and a catherine wheel) with various effects and colours.

The perfect box for those who want to try fireworks for the first time, great for children and won't upset the pets.

RRP: £49.99
Epic Price: £24.96
See Superstar Selection Box in action and buy today 

Emperor Selection Box

Emperor Selection Box

At the other end of the selection box budget, is the premium, 30 piece Emperor selection box from Standard Fireworks – guaranteed to ensure your audience enjoys their fireworks celebration.

Containing more firepower than your average selection box, the Emperor selection box is comprised of an awesome selection of 9 multi-effect fountains, 4 roman candles, 4 shot tubes, 8 roman candle cakes, 1 mine, and 4 packs of sparklers. This really is a great assortment of fireworks, and perfect for the back garden fireworks display.

RRP: £200.00
Epic Price: £240.00
See Emperor Selection Box in action and buy today


Fantasia Fountain

The awesome Fantasia fountain is the Epic Fireworks team favourite fountain.

A great value for money fountain, perfect for the back garden, and produces multi-coloured effects, including multi-level mine effects, blue stars, and crackling flowers.

RRP: £11.99
Epic Price: £5.94
See it in action and buy today



"170 shots of mid-loud effects - great colour, fabulous timings and we enjoyed this one thoroughly." - Michaela

A heavier-duty garden firework, the NRG 30 shot 1.3g barrage by Marvel Fireworks is a step-up in firepower over your average garden firework.

Crackling corkscrew-tailed comets glide up into the sky before exploding into huge peony breaks and multi-coloured wave bursts before the final bank of shots is fired in quick succession and completely fills the sky.

A great mid display piece that would grace any celebration.

RRP: £79.99
Epic Price: £39.96
Buy NRG 30-Shot today



Light Waves is one of our most powerful and impressive garden fireworks, and this beautiful new fanned barrage is sure to light up any event.

Firing thick spiralling comet tails in banks of 6 which break into huge spreading peonies when they reach around 80ft. Alternating between red, green, and blue bursts giving you maximum sky coverage at a budget cost will impress the most discerning firework fanatic.

RRP: £79.99
Epic Price: £39.96
Buy Light Waves 54-Shot today 



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