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Top Pyro Picks: Best Quiet Fireworks

Top Pyro Picks: Best Quiet Fireworks

When you think about fireworks, generally you think of skies filled with colour and lots of noise, but there’s a whole world of quiet and low-noise fireworks out there for you to choose from.

It may be that you want to keep the neighbours happy, or you’re conscious of the impact loud fireworks have on pets, wildlife, veterans or the neurodiverse. It could also be that you want to add some drama and atmosphere and are planning to play with different noise levels at your next firework display.

Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered with our top pyro picks of the best quiet fireworks.

Giltter Willow low-noise quiet barrage

Glitter Willow Tail Barrage

Noise Rating: 2/10
"This is a beautiful firework giving a high end classy effect. It's almost silent beauty is jaw-dropping and certainly adds a premium feel to the evenings celebrations." - Craig

Glitter willow delivers a professional looking single-effect featuring beautiful gold glittering comet tails from start to finish. For an even more stunning effect, consider firing several Glitter Willow Tails together or slightly angling the cakes to create an impressive 'lattice effect'.

RRP: £49.99
Epic Price: £24.96

See Glitter Willow Tail 16-Shot barrage in action and buy today


Afterglow Fountain

Noise Rating: 2/10
An excellent choice for budget-conscious pyro lovers, this fountain lasts for an average of one and a half minutes and delivers a captivating display of colours, including yellow, blue, gold, red, white, and green, all accompanied by low-noise chrysanthemums. It's also perfect for garden and small space displays.

RRP: £19.99
Epic Price: £14.94

Buy Afterglow Fountain today

Wild One 81-shot low-noise quiet barrage

Wild One 81-Shot Barrage

Noise Rating: 5/10
"If you like your fireworks a bit quieter and appreciate stunning visual effects and unusual noise effects you will love this, a huge range of different effects, great to break up the bangs in your display and mix up the effects, I have 3 ordered for my display this year." - Dan

Wild One kicks off with glittering spinners, transforming into dragon eggs accompanied by a thrilling sonic whistle effect. Following that, glittering horsetails take the spotlight, turning into bright horsetails with iridescent white tips.

The sequence continues with a burst of colored falling leaves, smoothly transitioning into more spinners and dragon eggs. The grand finale is a volley of shots, blending all the effects into a vivid display of colorr and captivating visuals. 

A great addition to any display.

RRP: £19.99
Epic Price: £14.94

See Wild One 81-Shot Barrage in action and buy today


Angel Dust 20-Shot Mine

Noise Rating: 2/10
"Got this for our daughters birthday and what can I say, for a small barrage it's awesome. Stunning effect with a wide spray. 1000% recommended will be getting this again for any occasions I can." - Carl

Despite its compact size, don't be fooled – this quiet mine cake produces a great range of effects. It releases a mesmerizing wall of golden sparks with vibrant hues of red, green, blue, and yellow and the grand finale is punctuated with a delightful crackling display. It's the perfect introduction to more organized displays, proving that size isn't everything when it comes to creating an impressive visual display.

RRP: £13.99
Epic Price: £9.96

Buy Angel Dust 20-Shot Mine today

Crossette 36-shot low-noise quiet barrage 

Crossette 36-Shot Barrage

Noise Rating: 4/10
An impressive low-noise firework, this piece delivers a stunning display.

With 36 shots, it lights up the sky with vivid red, silver, and green pearls, which then turn into a stunning crosette effect.

It's a must-have for pyro enthusiasts and destined to become a firm favorite among those who appreciate a spectacular yet quiet firework.

RRP: £59.99
Epic Price: £29.94

See Crossette 36-Shot Barrage in action and buy today


Glittering Fire Fountain

Noise Rating: 5/10
This multi-effect fountain boasts a phenomenal 3-minute duration and features stages including titanium rain, crackling chrysanthemums, and vibrant displays of golds, greens, whites, and reds.

With impressive height to add to its effects, this fountain is an ideal all-rounder, making it perfect for any firework display. 

RRP: £19.99
Epic Price: £14.94

Buy Glittering Fire Fountain today

Sorcery Roman Candle low-noise quiet barrage

Sorcery 12-Shot Roman Candle Cake

Noise Rating: 4/10
Experience the pyrotechnic wizardry with this 12-shot mine cake. Kicking off with a crackling mine, it unleashes a burst of green, purple, and silver stars, building up to a dazzling finale of golden palms.

No hocus-pocus here, just a straightforward and impressive display that will leave you in awe.

RRP: 14.99
Epic Price: £11.94

See Sorcery 12-Shot cake in action and buy today


Halo Fountain

Noise Rating: 3/10
"This fountain is "epic" value for money and lasts longer then the higher priced items. So good I returned to the shop and stocked up!" - Anthony

An excellent value-for-money fountain. This dynamic fountain features a variety of effects, including chrysanthemum, crackles, bubbling lava, and strobe effects, making it the perfect addition to your back garden display.

RRP: £11.99
Epic Price: £5.94

Buy Halo Fountain today

Silver Spirals barrage

Silver Spirals Barrage

Noise Rating: 3/10
Silver Spirals, is a discreet yet captivating single-effect, low-noise cake. It delivers a rarely seen display of red comets atop glittering gold tails. The 16 shots culminate in a burst of exceptionally vibrant silver tourbillion spinners.

It's the perfect addition for a wide range of displays and Silver Spirals truly shines when fired in multiples. It promises to delight your guests all while keeping the decibels to a minimum.

RRP: £19.99
Epic Price: £9.96

See Silver Spirals barrage in action and buy today


Swirling Silver Dragons Barrage

Noise Rating: 2/10
"The low noise piece is mesmerising to witness and gives high end professional effects. I personally love the corkscrew effect and always make sure I include this aesthetic to add good depth and variation to my display." - Craig

This single-effect barrage delivers a professional look from start to finish. Thick silver tails gracefully corkscrew into the sky, providing a beautiful hang time that adds to the spectacle.

Like the Glitter Willow Tail above, for an enhanced visual experience, consider firing multiple units, or get creative by angling the cakes ever so slightly to create a striking 'fan effect'.

Epic Price:

Buy Swirling Silver Dragons barrage today

Why Choose Quiet Fireworks

Whether you're hosting an event in a noise-sensitive area, aiming for an intimate atmosphere, or simply looking to create a peaceful ambiance, quiet fireworks provide the perfect solution.

The subdued brilliance of these displays allows for a more relaxed and sophisticated celebration without compromising on the joy and fun fireworks bring to an event.

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