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Top Firework-Themed Stocking Fillers for Christmas

Top Firework-Themed Stocking Fillers for Christmas

Looking for some firework fun to stuff those Christmas stockings with?

 Whether it's mini pyrotechnic delights or a quirky novelty, we've handpicked a range of small yet fantastic gifts that will add the magic of fireworks into your Christmas morning.

Get ready to add a burst of festive cheer to your stockings with these great little finds!

Plus, if you're looking for firework themed gifts for under the tree, make sure you check out our ultimate firework-themed Christmas gift guide.

Firework patterned adult socks

Firework Socks

Let's be honest, it's not Christmas unless someone gets a pair of socks! 

They come in one size, fitting comfortably from women's size 3 UK up to men's size 10 UK.

Why settle for boring socks when you can gift a pair of "Festive Fireworks" socks this Christmas?


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Lego Firework Guy

Lego Firework Guy

Not the easiest little dude to get hold of. Probably because he's as cool as... well, you know. But there are a few currently for sale on eBay and Amazon that you can get your hands on.

Price varies between £5-£15

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Launch Kontrol Pulse Refill Pack

Launch Kontrol Pulse Refill Pack

This pack of 20 igniters for use with the Launch Kontrol Pulse firing board and flat cable connector is a perfect stocking filler for anyone who already owns the starter kit. Or this is a great way to tease the fact that you've bought the full starter pack for that special person in your life.


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Pair of rocket stud earings

Rocket Ear Studs

A cute little pair of handmade and hand drawn stainless steel rockets about to take off. A lovely little gift for any firework fan and each set of earrings comes with a little letter for the wearer to read.


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That's Enough Fireworks Funny PopGrip

That's Enough Fireworks Phone PopGrip

This PopGrip has a swappable top meaning you can swap it out for a different one, but why would you with that slogan?! Sadly it's not compatible with Apple MagSafe wireless charger or MagSafe wallet, but it does have an expandable stand to watch videos, take group photos, FaceTime, and Skype handsfree. The advanced adhesive also allows you to remove and reposition on most devices and cases.


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Bonfire Night Themed Wooden Peg Dolls

Bonfire Night Peg Dolls

A cute set of wooden peg dolls themed to celebrate bonfire night. The gnomes are 7cm tall, Guy Fawkes is about 8cm tall and the Cone is 9cm tall.

The gnomes and the cone are UKCA tested and suitable for children over 10m who can sit unaided. Guy Fawkes is suitable for children over 3 due to small parts and risk of choking.


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Green smoke grenade

Smoke Grenade

Surprise your loved ones with an unexpected twist this Christmas – smoke grenades. They make a unique addition to any stocking and these  pocket-sized beauties bring a burst of vibrant color and theatrics to any outdoor celebration or photoshoot.

From £4.98

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Piece of blue clay with city and firework landscape embossed into it with a red roller

City Fireworks Embossing Roller

Perfect for use on playdough or clay, this large textured roller will roll out a city with fireworks going off overhead into your material. Each end also has a stamp with firework and a rocket for your firework scenes.

The rollers are 3D printed using PLA and are UKCA tested and suitable for ages 3+.


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Diamond Sparklers 

Diamond Sparklers

Each pack contains five 10" sparklers which are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of both adults and children. When lit, they emit large golden sparks that fizzle and jump for approximately 45 seconds. Why not grab a few packs and have fun on christmas day writing messages and patterns that you capture with long exposure photos, making memories that will stay with your family for a lifetime, or at least for the 'gram.


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A selection of presents wrapped in firework themed wrapping paper and tied with string

Don't Forget the Wrapping!

How cool is this wrapping paper?! It's the perfect way to make your firework themed present that extra bit special.


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