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With Halloween approaching let's take a look at 5 recommendations for a Halloween fireworks display.

Halloween is a great time to introduce children to the wonders of the pyro universe and get them acclimatised to the sights and sounds on the run up to bonfire night.

Spooky noises can be found aplenty throughout the epic fireworks range but here are 5 hot picks!

SDLP Strabane Halloween Safety Fireworks (2)

5. At five we have Mad Moth the 25 shot mixed effect which at under £10 is exceptional value. This cake has a few tricks up it's sleeve and the second stage in particular has a unique sound not often found in the UK retail market. Check out the video to see for yourself!

4. Shrill Witch. With a name like this surely it's is a must for Halloween. It's sonic spinners which explode into massive bursts will certainly catch the audience's attention! Again great value at under £10.

3. Whistle Mix Pop is a real star attraction and it's variety of noises and effects will have the crowd hooked. Full of pops, whistles, whooshes and crackles this is certainly one to consider if you have younger children as there are no busts. It's final stages of volleys are just superb!

2. Triple Whistle as the artwork suggests, once the fuse is lit the gates of hell are opened releasing shrieking spirits high into the sky. Although this is a single effect firework it's unique 3 stage whistle makes it absolutely perfect for a Halloween fireworks display.

1. If you want to crank the volume right up to eleven and still get that Halloween feeling look no further than Howling Wolves. This is a beast of a firework which at 30mm bore size is right on the maximum legal limit in the UK. It's phenomenal whistling tails soar high into the sky before bursting with a sprinkling of crackle. If you you really want to stand out from the crowd then buy a box full and light in one go, you won't be disappointed!!

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