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Mad Moth 25 Shot

Original price £29.99
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Current price £14.94
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The Math Moth single ignition barrage is yet another varied performer in the Epic Fireworks 25 shot series.

Packing a large span of effects, Mad Moth flutters mine lifts of crackling, screeching stars, comet tails with strobe, glitter and spinning comets to loud green and purple peony bursts.

This firework produces a diverse array of visual and aural effects over an excellent duration and all at a very impressive price.

Mad Moth Specifications
Carton Quantity: 1 x Mad Moth
No. of Shots: 25
Approx Firework Duration: 40 Sec
Firework Dimensions: 12cm x 12cm 12cm
Bore Size: 18mm 
Noise Rating: 7/10
Firework Classification: 1.3G
Safety Distance: 25 Metres
Vertical or Fan: Vertical