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Epic Fireworks’ Top 10 Fireworks to see in your lifetime.

#10: Where? New York City - When? 4th of July


Arranged by Macy’s – one of the USA’s retail giants, this Firework display is by far the biggest and best in America. Every year to celebrate Independence Day, the sky is lit over the sprawling New York skyline, lights and colours illuminating the high-rise buildings.

As far as Urban fireworks go, this is by far one of the most well-choreographed in the world.

#9: Where? Lake Biwa, near Kyoto, JapanWhen? Early November


Held annually over Lake Biwa, this breath-taking display is one to add to the list! The lake has an area of 669km2, allowing plenty of room for the pyrotechnicians to let loose and show off their skills.

The reflection of the beautifully coloured fireworks onto the lake’s crystal surface adds ambience to the show and adds another element to this already brilliant show.

#8: Where? London, UK - When? New Year’s Eve

London NYE Fireworks 2015

Whether you are a fan of busy events and a good atmosphere, or simply staying at home with a cup of tea and a blanket, this show is always a good watch. Filled with pop-culture references and nostalgia for the year gone by, BBC One on the 31st of December is always a firm favourite in the UK.

#7: Where? Paris, France - When? Bastille Day – July 14th

Bastille day fireworks 🇫🇷

Every year on July 14th the people of France remember the Storming of the Bastille and the Unity of the French people after the revolution.

This remembrance is commemorated with a stunning display over the Eiffel Tower.

The tower is often incorporated into the show using light effects, making for a beautiful experience.

#6: Where? Art en Ciel, Port Hercule, Monaco - When? July/August

fireworks monaco 2018

Every year, firework enthusiasts travel to this fantastic location to compete in this elite competition. The winner gets to showcase their talents on Monaco’s National Day, November 18th. The landscape of Monaco is what makes these displays stand out so much. Being in such a unique location gives these displays so much character and is certainly unlike anything you’ve seen before!

#5: Where? Celebration of Light, Vancouver, Canada - When? Various Dates in July

Brazil: Celebration of Light Vancouver 2015

The Honda Celebration of light in Vancouver is an annual event that is truly stunning. The design and artistry is top notch, and additional perks such as Live Music are included. Best of all, the displays are free to the public!

#4: Where? UAE, DubaiWhen? New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year 2013!

What is there to say about this event other that ‘’WOW’’? It is a magnificent show and one which so many people anticipate each year. The way the Burj Khalifa is used within this display is simply genius, making use of projection, light, water, and fireworks all at once. This is a masterpiece.

#3: Where? Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World - When? Every night!

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

One display you undoubtedly must see is Disney’s daily firework display at their Magic Kingdom Park. To see how emotional and inspiring a display can be, look no further. With family, friends or any loved one, this display is perfect. Paired with your favourite movies and music from the films, and with touching themes throughout, this display never disappoints.

#2: Where? Diwali Celebrations, Worldwide - When? 24th October 2022 (this varies each year.)

Diwali Celebrations

What could be better than a firework display you ask? A firework display that happens all over the world! Diwali is a festival of lights, celebrated every year by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and some Buddhists.

It is a religious festival which symbolizes the victory of light over darkness.
Celebrations take place in all major cities across the world, and the feeling of people being unified to celebrate something so special, is what makes this celebration so wonderful.

#1: Where? Bonfire Night / Guy Fawkes Night, UK - When? Remember remember, the 5th of November.

Guy Fawkes Night

Of course, our top spot must go to Bonfire Night.

The eerie energy that lingers in the air all night, the smell of gunpowder, candy apples, parkin cake, finger foods and getting huddled up with a drink at a display or in the garden at home.

Good food, good drinks, and tradition (as well of course as brilliant fireworks and events…)

All play a part in making this night so special.

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