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Tips & Tricks: Disney’s Magic Kingdom ‘’Enchantment’’ Fireworks!

Tips & Tricks: Disney’s Magic Kingdom ‘’Enchantment’’ Fireworks!

By now, most people have heard of the wonderful daily displays at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, or some of you might even have been lucky enough to see them in real life!

They are by far some of the most beautiful and emotionally provocative fireworks in the world, especially if you are amongst family.

One of the most interesting elements of this display are the lights and projections cast upon the castle, making the transition from the ground to the sky almost seamless.

Anyone who is a Disney fan will recognise some of their favourite characters and references to their most beloved films incorporated into the show.

The displays usually begin at around 9:00pm, however, to account for daylight saving, this will change to 8:15pm in October.

A link to the Disney World daily Calendar is here.

It can be quite a late showing, especially for little ones, so it’s always handy to keep plenty of snacks/toys with you in case of a wait.

To get the best view of the Enchantment fireworks, try to arrive 45 minutes to an hour before the display start time. Standing directly in the ‘’Hub’’ (the area right in front of Cinderella Castle,) will get you a 10/10 view of the show. However, if you are a little late, and only manage to bag a place on Main Street, do not worry! As of this year, all the shops on Main Street are to be included in the display using lights, visuals, and projections, meaning your experience will be just as wonderful.

disneyland fireworks

If you’re not a fan of crowds, why not try catching the show from a different angle? Fantasyland provides a beautiful view of the fireworks! It’s behind the castle, and essentially provides a flipped view of the show! It may still be busy, but nowhere near as packed as the main viewing areas! Plus, if you have already seen the show from the Hub, heading to a different location gives you a different experience altogether.

These fireworks are so spectacular that they can be easily viewed from almost anywhere in the park! Try not to worry about getting the best spot every night, as you can take advantage of the crowds flocking to Cinderella Castle and take time to enjoy other features of the park whilst it’s quieter.

Much of the time, many rides and shops in the park will still be open whilst the Fireworks are ongoing, and so this is a great time to have a look around without having to worry as much about queues.

Now, understandably these fireworks kind of come as a package deal with Park tickets, meaning to make the most of this display, you should spend the whole day/week in the park, taking full advantage of everything there is to enjoy!

Also, the longer your stay, the lower the daily ticket price.

See here for ticket prices for Disney World.

This display is certainly not one to be missed, and the trip to this wonderful park is also a memory which will last a lifetime. The perfect place to spend time with friends or family, or even as a couple! And see below for a sneak peek of the show! (Unless you want to keep it as a surprise!).

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