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Thunder Over Louisville 2014

Thunder Over Louisville 2014

What: Thunder over Louisville
Where: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
When: 12th April - 2nd May 2014

25 years on and “Thunder of Louisville” remains the Largest pyrotechnic event in North America.

Since 1991 Zambelli fireworks have organised the show to celebrate the Kentucky Derby Festival. Sadly, this years event will not have some of the old input following the death of one of the business founders, Lou Zambelli earlier this year who only retired from the family business in December 2013.

With over 60 tons of fireworks this year, this is a show you not only watch but feel as the concrete bases around the spectator’s area vibrate as the shells, some up to one and a half feet in diameter break high above.

The show comprises of 8 massive tractor trailers which hold the launch tubes, some up to 10 feet high and 18 inches in diameter. A staggering 700 miles of cables are painstakingly wired to over 20 firing boards to make up the 28-minute spectacular making the main display bigger than the Barcelona & Atlanta Olympics combined.

There will be literally hundreds of things to do and see throughout the duration of the event from the 'million dollar hole in one' competition to a 'mini fun run'.

As always local radio station LITE on 106.9 WVEZ will be transmitting the show in full.

We will bring you some shots of this year's Thunder when they become available.

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