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St Patricks Day Fireworks At Disneyland Paris

St Patricks Day Fireworks At Disneyland Paris

WHAT: St Patrick's Day Fireworks
WHEN: Tuesday 17th March 2015
WHERE: Disneyland, Paris

The 17th March 2015 marks St Patrick’s Day – the patron saint of Ireland.

Each year, the park puts on lots of fireworks for the gathered throngs with a distinctly ‘green’ theme about them. Throughout the day, there are bands playing, parades featuring bagpipes and traditional dance but when darkness falls, the magic begins.

Over to Cinderella’s Castle which is lit in green with beautiful giant shamrocks dancing around the façade – it really is uplifting.

Of course been Disney, every piece is perfectly timed and the symmetry is absolutely spot on. There were some spectacular slices, horsetails and thick dragon tails which all came together to put on a beautiful show. The finale was a MASSIVE rainbow projected onto the castle which was followed by images of falling coins as they reached the end of the rainbow.

Disney are known for their wide use of fireworks as Disneyland alone holds 230 firework shows annually and they have got a great deal greener with a cleaner and much quieter range of pyrotechnics to use in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint. Compressed air has been used since 2003 following concerns raised about the levels of pollutants launched into the atmosphere and today, although they now use 60,000 lbs of explosives, given that it used to be 90,000 lbs that is quite some saving without impacting on the show.

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