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Smoke Ring

Smoke Ring

A smoke ring machine, also known as a vortex cannon or tub-thumping cannon - smoke rings have fascinated men probably since the cave man days.

If you would like to try to make your own, then here’s how:

You will need:
A smoke or fog machine (ask a D.J mate to borrow his a while)
A large plastic bin, a 32-gallon garden waste bin would be perfect.
A heavy-duty refuse sack to fit in.
A golf ball
2 bungee cords
And a sharp strong utility knife (Stanley type).

1. Cut a 6-inch hole in the base of the bin.
2. Cut a piece of the sack a little bit bigger than the top of the bin.
3. Roll up the golf-ball in the middle of the bag and secure with a small bungee cord, then run the long bungee cord through the smaller one.
4. Secure the bin bag to the bin with tape and attach the longer bungee cords to bins handles.
5. Fill the bin with smoke/fog, pull back the golf ball, release, and see massive smoke ring fire across the yard.

Easy enough - let us have pictures if you manage to create your own.

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