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Families with pets and smaller children and elderly relatives may want to try and keep the sound of the fireworks to a minimum so we have selected a range of quieter fireworks for you to check out.

my bear wants this one daddy

Now, I must stress that almost all fireworks have some level of sound attached – whether that’s the fizz and crackle of a fountain, or the pops, bangs and whistles of a firework cake/barrage, ejecting the effects into the sky, but these are devoid of some of the very loud reports (the bang which is like gunfire) or the louder whistles (screechers).


Fountains have been the mainstay of Bonfire Night celebrations for many years.  Indeed, as a child I can vividly remember some of the ‘old school’ delightful ‘Traffic Lights’ or the hugely entertaining ‘Jack in the Box’ fountains.

Pumpkin Fountain by #TNTfireworks

Today, the fountain is still a firm family favourite and it has always been one of our biggest selling products. We have 17 individual fountains, varying from the novelty types of Hobgoblin, Pumpkin and Skull Fountains to the big and beautiful Fantasia and Halo fountains. Each on has its own specifications including a video clip of the product and safety distance information to help you to decide what is best for your family.


Also commonly referred to as cakes, our huge range of barrages range from the very quiet to he super loud and there is a noise rating on each and every one of them. From the very pretty 16 shot Crackling Horsetails to the hugely popular 81 shot Wild One barrage, we have a range in the lower noise category to suit all tastes. Check out the barrage selection and click on the video of the item.

WILD ONE 81 SHOTS #EpicFireworks


Selection boxes are THE go to product for most people on Bonfire Night as they are ideal for smaller gardens as they usually contain less bangs and whistles and of course have a great selection of Catherine wheels, fountains, rockets, mines and roman candles.

We stock 7 separate quieter selection boxes, which have been tested thoroughly to ensure that they are a great deal less noisy than some. The Gemini Selection box has a fabulous range of products that represent great value for money and are just the thing for those who are looking for excellent fireworks that are fantastic for the first-time user. If you want a little more noise but still have a limited budget, Marvel’s Superstar Selection Box has no huge walloping bangs and only a couple of whistling barrages.

Ultimately, provided you take the necessary precautions and follow the Firework Code, protect your pets and younger children, Bonfire Night can be enjoyed by all, safely at home.

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