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Spooky Season is just around the corner; why not celebrate it in epic style?

Here at EPIC, Bonfire Night is our favourite holiday (obviously!) But we think any time of year is a good time for fireworks.

Keep scrolling to see some of the best fireworks we have to offer for your Halloween Spook-tacular!

With everything from smaller fountains for your little monsters, all the way to big barrages, for the adults who love to party!

Vampire Fountain - With a variety of effects and colours, this is a great starter firework for the young ones. An impressive duration of 55 seconds and a friendly 4/10 noise rating will get your display off to a perfect start!

Crazy Clown Fountain - If you plan on throwing a Halloween Party, this one is unmissable! A brilliant quality 65 second fountain with a variety of effect and a creepy finale effect.

Shrill Witch Barrage - After a fun and freaky firework that won’t break the bank? Shrill Witch is a very popular small barrage with some very strange noise effects, which will captivate any audience! It uses Sonic Spinners to create this creepy effect, fitting the Halloween theme perfectly!

Howling Wolves Barrage - Keeping with the theme of strange and scary noises, Howling Wolves is one of our most popular noise-effect barrages, with piercing howls that shoot up into the night sky before bursting with a crackle. This is one of the best Halloween themed barrages out there!

Think one of these sounds cool on its own? See what it’s like when 8 of these are fired at once!

Werewolf Barrage - The Werewolf Barrage is a powerful 16 shot barrage with huge bursts, multicoloured peonies, strobing effects and an impressive ending with multiple brocade shots going up at once, at less than £20, this is a great deal, and you’ll certainly get more than enough ‘bang’ for your buck.

Viper Rockets - These serpent themed rockets will fit perfectly into your Halloween celebrations! Three huge rockets with three different effect soar high into the air to an impressive altitude before giving off a massive burst and lingering effects which will blow you away!

The Vampire Hunter Compound Barrage - Topping this list off, how could we forget our very own Vampire Hunter Compound Barrage? Although this firework has a larger price tag, we can guarantee you’ll think it’s worth it. Coming in with 158 shots and a duration of over two minutes, this compound provides a huge array of effects, colours, and a fang-tastic finale! If you want to go all out this Halloween, this is the firework for you.

As you can see, we have a brilliant range of fireworks to fit your Halloween theme! So why not ramp up your spooky celebrations, and light up the night sky?
Take a look round our website and see for yourself.

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