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Rally around local fireworks displays

Rally around local fireworks displays

Fireworks displays are a fantastic way of bringing people together. Old and young and from all walks of life, everyone loves a good fireworks display.
This year why not try getting together with the neighbours, workmates, and family, and putting on a larger than average display of your own. Anyone can have a couple of selection boxes and a big rocket out the back garden, but why not contribute to one larger display and bring everyone together for a real night to remember.

That is exactly what happened in my street last year. Normally a few dads each buy their own fireworks from supermarkets and other small retailers.
But last year we got together early and agreed to go to a fireworks wholesaler or specialist and get some large fireworks.
It was the best display any of us had ever seen, let alone done ourselves!!

Its a lot easier than you think and there is plenty of time left till bonfire night, so get together, buy some big fireworks, and make it the best Guy Fawkes night yet!

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