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The Pyrotechnic Guild International was established in the USA in 1969 by Max P Vanderhorck, a meteorologist from San Diego. He wanted to create an association for people who share a fascination for pyrotechnics from across society from those with a passing interest to the full-on pyro pot!

Each year the event brings enthusiasts from across the USA and the remainder of the rest of the world to encourage and re-enforce the safe and responsible display of fireworks and pyrotechnic articles expanding on the creativity of spectacular fireworks and effects.

There are classes, seminars, and nightly firework displays and demonstrations and this Friday evening will see the launch of the 36inch shell created especially for the event. There is a number of things which are not allowed in the UK which feature heavily including the beautiful Girandola.

It is a family affair as even young pyro lovers can learn from the best and create their own fireworks under the close supervision of experts.

Over 4000 people generally attend the effect which takes place in a different City every year – last year it took place in Mason City, Iowa.

The exhibition event is also being attended by the team from Passfire, who are continuing their trek around the globe discovering the importance of fireworks, the communities and organisations dependent upon them and their use in fiestas and religious events like the Festa del Redentore in Spain or the massive Diwali celebrations in India.

We will bring you footage of the launch of the super shell soon.

In the meantime, here is a video of the PGI’s World’s Finest Rockets – 96 of them for this year as they mark the Golden Anniversary of the setting up of the guild. Enjoy:

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