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PyroSure. Under Water Firing.

The guys over at PyroSure are often questioned regarding the problems of using CAT5 cable in the wet.

They use CAT5 to connect modules to rails fixed to racks in order to reduce the length of igniter leads that are required for a firework display.

The test to check reliability was suggested by a friend in Australia who also doubted that a system could be used with damp or even wet connections.

Rather than start with a mist of water and graduate the level of wetness it was decided just to submerge the whole lot in a container of water. (It is not a recommended procedure when setting up a display of course).

So Using Solar Flare Igniters and Quick match, connections were made to Rail 8 and two Rail 8 were connected in series.

In manual fire mode, the continuity of the igniters was checked and the rails submerged.

The result PyroSure can fire quick sequences even when the Rail 8 are submerged in water. See the video below.

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