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Poole Quay Fireworks and Light Shows Saved For Another Year

Poole Quay Fireworks and Light Shows Saved For Another Year

Amidst speculation surrounding the fate of popular events along Poole Quay, Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole Council have confirmed that the much-anticipated Poole Quay Fireworks and the Christmas Maritime Light Trail will still be on the calendar this year.

Despite facing a significant budget deficit, estimated at £30 million, the council has committed to keeping these cherished community celebrations going.

Tough decisions were made to balance the budget, leading to the removal of financial support for various events, including Dream Machines, Quay for my Car and Mini Steam on the Quay.

Ongoing discussions hint at the possibility of the return of Folk on the Quay, which was missing from the 2023 event calendar, reflecting the council's commitment to maintaining Poole's vibrant cultural landscape.

Deputy council leader Millie Earl acknowledged the necessity of these cutbacks, emphasising the need to adapt to financial constraints while still supporting essential community events.

She said: "We are working hard with Poole Quay's fantastic business community on options to ensure that other events, which the council can no longer support financially, can still take place." "The financial pressures facing all local authorities meant that balancing our budget required some tough choices." She also said that the authority "must move to a new way of working and become an organisation that enables others to take on some of the great work that has made these events popular".

In addition to the confirmed fireworks displays in August and Bonfire Night, residents and visitors can look forward to the Christmas Maritime Light Trail and the exhilarating New Year's Bath Race & Classic Cars event.

Collaborative efforts with businesses are also aiming to secure funding for additional firework displays throughout the year. So stay tuned and we'll let you know when we hear anything else about Poole's 2024 firework events.

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