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Philippine International Pyromusical Competition Is Back on for 2024

Philippine International Pyromusical Competition Is Back on for 2024

After a 4-year break, the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition (PIPC) is finally back on the calendar and will be happening on the 11th, 18th and 25th of May 2024 and the 1st and 8th of June.

Before the 4-year break, the PIPC was an annual event that took place in the city of Pasay, Philippines. And we're pleased to report that it will be returning to its home on the Seaside Boulevard at SM Mall of Asia, in Pasay.

The PIPC is a world-renowned fireworks competition that brings together the best pyrotechnic teams from different countries to showcase their skills and creativity in producing stunning fireworks displays choreographed to music.

Originally known as the World Pyro Olympics, the competition began in 2010 and quickly become a much-anticipated event in the Philippines' tourism calendar.

The SM Mall of Asia is a world-class indoor stadium located in Pasay City with a seating capacity of around 20,000 and offers a spectacular view of Manila Bay, which serves as the backdrop for the fireworks display.

Each year, the competition features two parts. The first part is a display from the local team, Platinum Fireworks Inc., which showcases their creativity and technical skills. The second part is the competition proper, where two pyrotechnic teams from different countries compete against each other to produce the most dazzling fireworks display set to a musical soundtrack

The news of the competition’s return has social media buzzing and this year the competition will feature displays from 10 different countries.

The competition runs for six consecutive weekends, with each weekend featuring a different country's team. The participating teams are carefully chosen by the organisers, and they come from various countries worldwide. This year the participating countries include the Netherlands, South Korea, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, China, and the United Kingdom. 

Each team has 20-25 minutes to showcase their skills and creativity in producing a fireworks display that is synchronised to music. Each team's choice of music and fireworks design reflects their country's culture and traditions, making it an excellent opportunity for the participants and the audience to experience and appreciate different cultures from around the world.

The competition is judged based on several criteria, including choreography, synchronisation, creativity, and overall impact. The judging panel is made up of experts in the fields of pyrotechnics, music, and visual arts. At the end of each weekend, the judges announce the winning team, and the audience is treated to a grand finale that combines the best elements from all the performances.

Whilst the PIPC is based in the Philippines, it's not just a local event; it has gained international recognition and has attracted a significant number of tourists from all over the world. It's become a must-see event for many visitors to the Philippines which makes it so good to see it back on the calendar for 2024. The event has also received numerous awards and recognition, such as the Gold Award for Best Festival and Event at the 2014 Asia Pacific MICE Awards.

As well as it being a great event; the competition also has significant economic benefits for the Philippines, generating millions of dollars in revenue for the local economy, especially in the tourism and hospitality sectors. It also creates employment opportunities for many Filipinos who work as event staff, security personnel, and vendors.

The Philippine International Pyromusical Competition is a world-renowned event that celebrates the art of pyrotechnics, music, and culture. It's a spectacular display of creativity, skills, and technology so if you're looking to get some epic firework displays in your diary for this year we highly recommend considering a trip to the Philippines to enjoy the competitions.



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